‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion trailer: Ariana calls Raquel ‘devilish, insane, sub-human’ after affair with Tom

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The trailer for this season's three-part “Vanderpump Rules” reunion on Bravo just dropped, and it's just as chaotic as fans are expecting.

Recorded after “Scandoval,” aka the bombshell revelation that Tom Sandoval was cheating on longtime girlfriend Madix with his classmate Raquel Lewis, the entire reunion looks to be filled with wild moments, as those three artists were discussing their love triangle, along with passionate analysis of their co-stars.

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Key moments: Maddix calls Lewis “devilish, insane, sub-human” for hooking up with Tom, Lewis's ex-boyfriend James Kennedy calls her and Sandoval “poo-poo heads”, and Andy Cohen calls ” Hosted shouting “My cards! When his written questions get scattered due to the fight.

And that's just the beginning: Tom Schwartz also faces questions about his role in “Scandoval” as well as his overall treatment of ex-wife Katie Maloney; Sandoval and Lewis are upset with the producers about filming during the break; Lisa Vanderpump laments the love life of her former bar staff; And legal papers are on display as a potentially physical altercation between Shayna Shay and Lewis makes its way from the courthouse to the reunion.

Regarding that moment in the trailer, as a result of a restraining order Lewis filed against Shay, claiming that after reports of the latter physically assaulting her surfaced, the two actors could not sit at the reunion at the same time. Instead, only one can be with the group, while the other watches remotely via a video feed from elsewhere in the building.

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Minutes after the trailer debuted on May 11, Kennedy joined Bravo social producers Donald Adler and Jenny Armstrong on the network's Instagram Live to share his reaction. “It's crazy, it's a crazy trailer,” said Kennedy, online mid-workout at Equinox. “Chills running down my spine.”

When asked how long he had wanted to call Tom Sandoval “Poo-Poo Head”, Kennedy said, “I got everything off my chest that I had to, and I feel good about it.” He explained that because he got his licking on camera during the reunion, he held back from weighing in on the Scandoval drama online. “I've had a few laughs here and there, but for the most part I've stayed out of it.”

Kennedy also shared some insight into filming the reunion, explaining that every season is different, but this go-round was a little better for her because she joked, “I wasn't at the end of the stick.”

Overall, however, Kennedy confirmed that filming was “intense for all of us. Emotions were highest in any reunion and you could feel it in the air.”

Watch the trailer below.

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