The Tony Awards will not air as scheduled on June 11 (Special)

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Striking Writers Guild of America Denied discount request To allow the June 11 Tony to air on CBS and stream on Paramount+, hollywood reporter Have you learnt.

This week, this season's Tony Awards Management Committee—which includes eight representatives from the Broadway League, including President Charlotte St. Martin and renowned producers Jordan Roth and Scott Sanders, and eight representatives from the American Theater Wing, including President Heather… Hitchens—formally petitioned the Writers Guild for such an exemption, given how much Broadway struggling financially depend on exposure from Tonys telecasts for collisions. (This season, front-running musicals include shows hanging in hopes of tonns bouncing.) some Like It Hot And kimberly akimbo and drama Leopoldstadt,

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The management committee has scheduled an emergency meeting for Monday morning to determine the best way forward.

Two alternative courses of action are apparently being weighed: (a) stick with the June 11 date and hold a non-televised presentation of the awards, perhaps in the form of an intimate dinner or press conference attended by the nominees and the media be present; or (b) postpone the ceremony until the strike is over and the show can be televised.

Representatives of the Broadway League, which includes many producers, theater owners and operators, are more inclined to support the first option, as many shows may not be able to survive for months unless their marquees and promotional materials are on. Don't get Tony's impression. ,

The American Theater Wing, however, is apparently more to a delay, as that organization is seen as the custodian of the Tony Awards brand, which would not be helped by a non-televised presentation.

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