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Splendid Courtroom hears Trump 14th Modification case arguments

7:56 p.m. ET, February 8, 2024

Within the court docket: CNN reporter describes her revel in within the press pen

Whilst dozens of newshounds are within the court on the Splendid Courtroom, now not one pc or cellular phone is.  

Not like marketing campaign occasions – which I normally quilt – within the Splendid Courtroom, no electronics are allowed. Simply pen and paper.

Even the smallest sounds can also be heard, like any individual jingling keys — or papers shuffling, as I came upon, as my case preview pamphlet slid to the ground. 

A space for the click exists to the left of the bench, and just right perspectives don’t seem to be assured. Rows F and G are in part obstructed by means of massive marble columns draped in pink curtains with gold trim. The areas between the columns are open, and relying to your vantage level, slices of the court are visual.

From the place I used to be sitting in seat G-1, I had a just about perpendicular view of the justices, in sight of Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. 

Whilst Leader Justice John Roberts, Justices Samuel Alito, Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson had been slightly more difficult to peer. Sitting up tall in my seat or shifting simplest my head reasonably to the left helped to decide who had the ground, in addition to their recognizable voices. 

You can’t transfer seats, transfer your seat or lean your frame over for a greater glimpse, which I discovered briefly. 

Transferring my chair over an inch didn’t cross left out by means of body of workers tracking the click, as I used to be requested to shift it proper again. 

Press might go out the court all the way through arguments, however if you depart, you can’t go back. A number of newshounds, on the other hand, left earlier than the case was once submitted — a minimum of one individual after Trump lawyer Jonathan Mitchell’s time on the lectern and extra after Jason Murray’s flip.

Whilst silence is asked within the top court docket, there have been moments of levity, the place the justices made a remark that evoked laughter. One instance was once all the way through an trade between Mitchell and Kagan. 

Mitchell stated to one in every of her issues, “There unquestionably is a few stress and a few commentators have pointed this out. Professor Baude and Professor Paulsen criticized Griffin’s case very sharply…”

Kagan kindly interrupted, “Then I will have to be proper,” as other people laughed. 

Any other second of laughter surrounded the order of explicit questions. Kagan jumped in as Jackson pivoted to any other level in regards to the officer/place of business debate: “May we — is that OK if we do that after which do this? Will there be a chance to do officer stuff or must we–?”

“Completely. Completely,” Roberts stated, diffusing the confusion, as other people laughed.


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