Sources: Johnny Depp expands Dior Sauvage partnership in new $20 million-plus deal

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and Dior Sauvage are expanding their partnership.

First reported by Diversity And confirmed by a source close to the deal, Depp and Dior Sauvage have extended an agreement that's three years and worth more than $20 million, making it one of the most lucrative celebrity fragrance deals ever. reporter has also contacted representatives for Dior but did not hear back as of press time.

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While Depp faced scrutiny tumultuous court battle With his ex-wife Amber Heard last year, Dior Sauvage didn't ditch the actor, who has been fronting the fragrance since it launched in 2015. Three months after Depp's victory defamation suitDior Beauty promoted Depp in a new social campaign that was shared on the brand's Instagram account. “Deep and authentic. Johnny Depp embodies the heady magic of Sauvage,” Dior Beauty shared in September on the heels of an initial report tmz that he had reneged on his agreement. Another the same day read, “More than ever, Johnny Depp is Sauvage's soul.”

He can also be called successful. Bernard Arnault, CEO of Dior's parent company LVMH, reported during a January financial presentation Dior Sauvage was a leader in sales of the fragrance “inspired by the image of Johnny Depp … achieving remarkable success”. Already the leader in the category, Arnault also noted that the fragrance demonstrated strong growth.

News of the deal comes just days before Depp will walk the Palais red carpet at the Cannes Film in what is sure to be a global spectacle. his film, maven's jean du barryAll set to inaugurate the festival on 16th May. Following a 2020 release alongside Andrew Levitas, this will mark her first big screen role since the season of The Heard Fallout. Minamata,

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While Dior Sauvage stood behind Depp, he suffered career setbacks due to the Heard drama lasting several years, during which he was dropped by major Hollywood franchises, including Pirates of the Caribbean And fantastic animal,

The Cannes appearance could be a defining moment for Depp's return, and the Dior Sauvage deal seems timed to coincide with the hilarity surrounding his return to the big screen. Told by an experienced specialty distributor theart one in new report“I haven't seen the movie, but it looks like it was a good way [Depp] To get back in everything.

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