Revolutionizing Knee Replacement: Monogram Orthopedics Gears Up for Nasdaq IPO With Over 14,000 Retail Investors

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Monogram Orthopedics is a leader in the development of personalized, 3D-printed orthopedic implants powered by robotics and state-of-the-art pre-operative imaging. The company has seen incredible success over the years, currently holding the record for the third largest growth on the popular equity crowdfunding site, start engine. As part of that growth, more than 14,000 retail investors invested more than $23.7 million in the company.

Next, the company raised a Series C through a white-label service called DealMaker and recently wrapped A Raz as it moves toward the company's anticipated NASDAQ listing under the ticker symbol “MGRM.” The company is currently planning to go live NASDAQ on May 18,

About Monogram Orthopedics

Knee replacement surgery is prevalent, with approximately 1.7 million patients undergoing the procedure each year. Nonetheless, approximately 20% of these patients suffer from chronic pain after surgery, and 40% of total knee replacement revision surgeries result from mechanical loosening. Monogram Orthopedics aims to tackle these problems by 3D-printing FDA-approved implants that are customized to each patient's unique anatomy, reducing the number of incisions and bone loss during surgery.

CEO Benjamin Sexson emphasizes the company's vision: “By 2027, 50% of knee replacement surgeries will be performed robotically.” Monogram is currently the only company to offer FDA-approved, 3D-printed, patient-specific implants Which will eventually be placed using active milling. Robot.” The upcoming NASDAQ listing represents a considerable achievement for the company, underscoring the company's success in reshaping the orthopedic surgery field.

Monogram Orthopedics has demonstrated its revolutionary technology on an cadaver patient in Austin, Texas through a total knee replacement surgery performed by a surgeon in New York City. Their patented 3D-printed replacement enables a bone-to-implant bond, eliminating the need for bone .

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Monogram Orthopedics is changing the orthopedic surgery field by merging tailor-made knee implants with precision robotic surgical assistants, providing patients with better-fitting knee replacements through minimally invasive surgery. With 100,000 knee implants failing each year in a $19.4 billion market, the company is well-positioned to take advantage of a significant opportunity to enhance patient outcomes.

+14,000 retail investors

Monogram Orthopedics has been a crowd-pleaser, raising one of the largest equity crowdfunding amounts start engine, The startup raised an impressive $23.7 million on StartEngine, making it the platform's third largest fundraiser ever. Monogram was outdone only by Boxabl, a popular housing startup, and StartEngine. StartEngine has since opened another round, which means investors can Invest in StartEngine only for a limited time, From this single round alone, the company has got over 14,000 investors on its cap table.

However, after several other fundraisers on platforms such as Seedinvest and Dealmaker, the total number of investors is significantly higher.

The Monogram Orthopedics IPO will mark the second major IPO in the equity crowdfunding space. Knightscope (NASDAQ:KSCP) completed an IPO in early 2022 with more than 20,000 investors on its cap table and achieved unicorn status just one day after its IPO. However, the stock has since retraced substantially.

With nearly 14,000 investors on its cap table, many retail investors could be looking at a payday soon.

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