Reggie Miller’s advice to Ja Morant after latest gun incident: ‘You have to clean house’

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Indiana Pacers The great Reggie Miller had some advice for Memphis Grizzlies star Jae Morant after his latest gun incident.

Miller was the guest on Wednesday The Dan Patrick Show and was asked what he would say to Morant. was 23 recently suspended From all team activity after flashing what looked like a pistol on Instagram , just two months after serving an eight-game suspension for a similar incident.

“I want you to look at your inner circle and I want you to write a list of all your boys, all your housemates,” Miller said. “And I want to see them all and I want you to burn it down now. You have to clean house, young man.”

Miller continued to talk about Morant's inner circle.

“The people he's surrounded himself with, and some of that may even include family,” Miller said. “You have to see the whole picture, my friend. What you have and what you can achieve and what is being taken away from you right now. Which do you want to live? It's that simple.”

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Miller said there are cautionary tales throughout NBA history.

Miller said, “I can give you a handful of players that I've played with or that you've seen on other teams that have gone down this route.” “Where are they today? Ja Morant, before all this, was being portrayed as one of the faces of the new league. Now he's getting infamous for his work. It's not catching him doing anything. That's what he's doing.” his own phone. He is all self inspired.

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Patrick referred to the late NBA commissioner David Stern, who handed the Pacers' Ron Artest an 86-game suspension after “malice in the palace“Incident in 2004.

“(Morant) is very lucky David Stern is not at the helm of it,” Miller said. “He would have been gone. He would have been given the Ron Artest , which was unfair and unjust – let me just say it – to the controversy.”

This article originally appeared on the Indianapolis Star: Pacers legend Reggie Miller talks about Ja Morant incident, Ron Artest