Raw Deal: Multiplatinum, Grammy-winning California Role misses out on ‘Masked Singer’ finale

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The California Roll on ‘The Masked Singer' Season 9. (Photo: Fox)

This week masked singer, California Roll, which host Nick Cannon called “one of the greatest groups of all time” and “the most unique act ever”, got a raw deal, got the chops and third Going Home on Location – Thus missing just one week in the season 9 finale. And this was despite dazzling the judges with her creative and sophisticated vocal arrangement of Kelly Clarkson's “Breakaway,” to which Nicole Scherzinger said, “It's truly an honor to have you on our stage, because you are so amazing at your craft.” He is a master.”

However, it's not as if the sushi sensation really needed the exposure, or any career boost, that he could get from a masked singer win. They've already won another singing contest, and in the 12 years since, they've become YouTube superstars with over 5 million in record sales and over 5 Arab video view; won three Grammys (including Best Country Duo/Group Performance for their “Jolene” collaboration with none other than Dolly Parton); performed everywhere from the White House to the Hollywood Bowl; and released 11 studio albums, including 2015's self-titled LP, which historically established them as the first a cappella group to go to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Yes, in case you didn't go to Google or Wikipedia while skimming the last paragraph, the California Roll was the sing-off Champions Pentatonix. But most viewers had already figured out that the iconic voices alone. Maybe the judges played dumb by guessing it was a sushi sensation artist The Lion King, hamilton, high school musical, dear evan hansen, in the heights, spring AwakeningOr pitch perfectBut there was really no way the a cappella quintet could hide their signature, pitch-perfect harmonies.

“You all defy what the human voice can do. It's just so innovative and next-level. We have champions, we have grade-A artists on our platform right now,” said Nicole.

Wednesday's upset result was a relief and a positive development for Medusa, who was almost eliminated at this season's New York Night after losing her “Uptown Girl” battle royal to the quintuple-threat California Roll, but The first was saved by the judges. Ding Song Keep It On Bell. Now, after Hozier's stunning semifinal performance of “Take Me To Church,” which was raw in its own way, and this week after beating out California Roll in a three-way battle royal of Bruno Mars' “Runaway Baby,” he You're just one episode away from walking away with the series' ninth Golden Mask trophy. However, he must survive next Wednesday's Battle Royale against fellow finalist Macaw.

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The fact that these two made it out to California Roll just proves how sensational singers they both are, and what a competitive season it's been. So, let's take stock of the clues one last time… who are medusa and macaw,

First up, Medusa. This is Bishop Briggs. It was obvious weeks ago (though I initially guessed it was stone-cold diva Fergie), but on Wednesday, when Medusa noted that she had suddenly lost her “other half” and “biggest supporter,” Later gave birth to her son. A young age, that sealed the deal. Bishop became a mother in 2022, shortly after she announced that her sister and best friend Kate died of ovarian cancer,

All the other Medusa clues this season add up as well. First up, this platinum-selling singer with “Alias” is “Dancer in the Dark” who grew up “away from the spotlight” — and is the daughter of “Dark Side” singer Bishop, whose real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin. Scottish parents from the Scottish town of Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire. (The two other Medusa clues are a photo of a Scottie dog and the similarly named Sarah McLachlan, who inspired McLaughlin/Briggs to adopt a stage name.) Medusa also mentions that “New York, New York” is her father's favorite karaoke song and that she grew up singing it to him, which aligns with two other clues: an international plane ticket and the year 1996. , because the bishop went to Japan. In '96 with his family and sang publicly for the first time in a Tokyo karaoke bar. Other clues include the Super Bowl (Bishop's track “Wild Horses” was in an Acura Super Bowl commercial); a “true love” chest tattoo (Bishop has a song called “Tattoo on My Heart”); Buckingham Palace (Briggs was born in London); a framed portrait of Chris Martin (he has toured with Coldplay); rainbow-backlit palm trees (she's played Coachella twice — once in her third trimester of pregnancy!); and a DVD cover that claimed to have “sold $340 million,” which Medusa captured by saying, “Sometimes success greyest of places. (Bishop's cover of INXS's “Never Tear Us Apart” was fifty Shades Freed, which reportedly grossed $340 million.) She also said she's “technically been here before,” and Season 6 champion, Jewel (aka the Queen of Hearts), sang Bishop's hit “River.” memorably covered. And, of course, a bishop was the chess-piece clue.

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And then, there's the Macaw. His identity was clear from the time he first opened his beak to sing. Based on the pure, pristine tone of this feathered friend, he's clearly someone who's competed on Fox Network finals before: American statue Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta. But throughout the season, this rainbow-winged singer has also made proud declarations like, “After going through so many life changes, I feel like I've been able to spread my wings and show my true colors,” “Being on stage in this outfit makes me feel like myself,” and “This is the year I decided to be brave not only on stage, but in my life as well.” This week, before dedicating One Direction's “What Makes You Beautiful” to others who are going through “what I'm going through,” he said: “I was young [when I started out], so I wasn't sure who I was and what I was supposed to be. But as I was getting to know myself, I was also getting scared of who is who. I thought if I told the truth, I would lose everyone. But when I did, it changed my life in such a beautiful way. It helped me to realize that I have nothing to hide anymore.” It all points to David, now 32, who was just 16 when he competed statueComing out as the LGBTQIA+ spectrum in 2021.

Mackay has also revealed that “the pressure to always be the ‘good son' worries me a lot,” and added that he has been performing since a young age but that “definitely didn't start out as a passion, Her father bribed her with quesadillas as a child to sing with him at a local Mexican restaurant. All of this aligns with the well-publicized mental health struggles of David and his father, Jeff Archuleta. statue-era's reputation for being an overbearing, domineering grandfather. We also see a jar of salsa (a nod to David's Honduran mother, who was a salsa dancer and singer) – and a mention of “Love for the Philippines” (David's fourth album, forever, was released exclusively in the Philippines and featured covers of Filipino Hits). And finally, there are several tip-offs that Macaw is a second-place singing-show veteran, including a silver medal, a “vote” poll sign and an admission that he “didn't think I'd be on stage like this again.” Handle the pressure of being on.”

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So, can Archie win the whole competition this time around – and not just what the past American Idol,masked singer Alumni Chris Daughtry, Todrick Hall, Tory Kelly, and Kathryn McPhee couldn't but finally bring justice, peace, and closure to those poor viral crying fangirls, 15 years after they did that “David vs. David” for David The performance was controversially defeated. cook statue, Or will it be the return of Queen Medusa who slips all the way to the winner's circle? In their own ways, both are looking for second chances, and they both deserve them. Find out who prevails when they go head-to-head figuratively and literally next Wednesday, May 17, in what could be the most competitive finale masked singer History.

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