President Biden Weighs In On WGA Strike, Author Says “Fair Deal”

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President Biden is weighing in on the Writers Guild of America strike that has brought Hollywood to a halt.

delivering remarks prior to a screening of the Disney+ series at the American born ChineseBiden told the crowd (which included the show's cast and producers as well as some Disney executives) that “I sincerely hope that the writers' strike in Hollywood is resolved, and that the writers are given a fair deal that they deserve.” deserves at the earliest.” possible.”

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“This is an iconic, meaningful American industry, and we need writers and all the workers and everyone involved in this to tell our country's stories,” Biden said. East Room.

Biden's comments were the first from the White House after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed a about it last week.

The screening was hosted by the White House in honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

was introduced by Biden American born Chinese star (and everything together everywhere Oscar-winner) Hui Quan with Biden, noting that he knew her from her role Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, “Look at your face in that scene,” Biden told Quan, smiling.

Politicians in New York and California have already said They'll be on hand to help negotiate between writers and studios, though Biden's weighing in is an important, if symbolic, step.

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