Paulie Shore reacts to being the butt of Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars joke, prefers to focus on ‘friends from back in the day’ Brendan Fraser and Ke Hui Quan

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Yes, Paulie Shore heard Jimmy Kimmel joke about his film career at the Oscars. (Photo: Gary Miller/Filmmagic)

Paulie Shore is well aware that he was a punch line at Sunday’s Oscars, but prefers to focus on his old friends being the big winners.

host Jimmy Kimmel joked in his monologue, “The two actors encino man are nominated for an Oscar,” referring to Brendan Fraser and Ke Hui Quan, who won Best Actor later in the night (whale) and Best Supporting Actor (everything together everywhere), respectively. “What an incredible night it must have been for both of you and what a tough night it must have been for Paulie Shore.”

encino man is a 1992 in which two high schoolers, played by MTV VJ-turned-actor Shore (as Stoney) and ’90s favorite Sean Astin (as Dave), discover a frozen caveman in their yard And try to live her modern life. Fraser played the defrosted caveman, Link, while Kwan played Kim, an intrepid computer club student in the flick, which was silly but went on to have cult appeal.

Fraser and Kwan have talked about slowing down their careers after early success as young actors, but both made huge comebacks, hitting gold at Hollywood’s biggest award show. Meanwhile, Shore saw his acting career fail (he was given the Golden Raspberry for Worst New Star of the Decade in the 1990s) and was never revived. Instead, Shore, who has focused on his standup, has long been the target of jokes.

After being name-checked at the Oscars, Shore to social media and graciously responded to Kimmel’s dig at her. He said that he “loved” the joke, but even more he “really loved” that “my old friends, Brendan Fraser and Kay Huey Quan, took home the Oscar!” He ended his tweet, which has garnered over 24,000 likes, with “Never give up on your dreams.”

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got a little more candid in an interview with Shore page six The latter about being an industry punch line, reminding whoever needs to hear it that he has feelings.

“We love to hate people when they’re on top. People wanted to break me down – and they did,” he said of being the butt of jokes over the years. “I was always nice to everyone, always cool, I put my heart… into all my movies.”

He said that as a celebrity, “you’re buying and selling a human being. Human beings have feelings, it’s not like selling real estate.”

Shore, who is touring the one-man show, Stick With The Dancing: Stories From My Childhood, In his opinion, his films also include bio dome And jury duty “stand the test of time.” He shared that he “really misses acting” and “living on set” and that he is “dreaming and hoping” for another opportunity. He’s hoping that a director or producer with a vision casts him in a role “that no one would expect,” which will result in a comeback. “That’s where my heart is.”

For him encino man of the co-stars’ victory, Shor continued to celebrate them saying, “It’s a big deal, I’m happy for these guys. We did a film together years ago and I’m glad people are still there after 30 years.” Let’s talk about it. It’s crazy.” He said he had messaged with Kwan in recent months, but last spoke to Fraser five years ago.

Meanwhile, mate encino man Co-star Astin also used Twitter to congratulate Fraser and Kwan on their win, as they played on Oscar night. He was “over the moon” for Kwan, with whom he also co-starred in 1985. fool, (Quan referred goons in his acceptance speech.)

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Astin called Fraser a “serious talent” and a “very fine human being”.

He also shared a picture of both the winners encino man, A picture that has gone viral.

Before the ceremony, Shor hyped his former co-stars on A good Morning America segment that aired last week.

“It is quite remarkable” that both Frazier and Kwan were nominated, he said. “It’s a crazy story. These guys — what a comeback. It’s almost like they were in encino manHe made them dead and they are coming back to life.” He said in his honor, he “seed-watch [Encino Man]over the weekend and promised he’d watch the Oscars.