No, Taylor Swift Isn’t Releasing A Memoir In July — Although A Mystery Book Has Become A Bestseller Based On Rumors It’s Her

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Hi, it's not him — that's the problem, it's not him. Some celebrity yet to be revealed is releasing a book in July, which the publisher is promising will be a blockbuster. But Diversity Can report with certainty that this mystery author is not Taylor as rumored.

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Anyone pre-ordered the untitled title on Amazon believing it was Pop Superstar can go ahead and cancel that order now; Swift doesn't have a book in the offing, it can be said officially.

It is not difficult to see why many Swifties have come to the conclusion that the book is theirs, allegedly based on some vague details released by the publisher to booksellers and – perhaps more importantly – some “clues” that apparently Swift pointed to a coincidentally misdirected case that would seem to rival the “Paul is dead” rumors of the 1970s.

A document widely circulated on social media that purported to come from Flatiron says the title and author will be revealed on June 13th…with the 13th, as any student of pop knows, Swift has an often stated lucky number.

The page number for the book is 544 … and 5 + 4 + 4 = 13. Easter eggs can hardly be any more obvious, right?

Only clear, perhaps, if the book's actual release date was July 9th… that is. Anyone who's been following the news for Swift's next album, “Speak Now (Taylor's Version)” slated for a July 7th release, knows that she teased it from July 9th in her social media statement announcing the album. mentioned the closeness, letting fans know she didn't forget how big the latter date is in Swift's storylines. That calendar date is actually mentioned in the “Speak Now” track “Last Kiss” (supposedly referring to the date in 2010 when she went out of her way to meet up with Joe Jonas, who was in a short-term relationship). had a lover).

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The theory only became more clear in the minds of some fans when the phrase “Dear Reader” was used in their announcement for “Speak Now”, although it more clearly refers to the title of a bonus track from their most recent album. Indicates, does not claim, imminent literary authorship.

Yet all these things are apparent coincidences, as it is No is gearing up to release a memoir almost simultaneously with her next album and smack in the middle of a national stadium tour, which for anyone as capable of project-multitasking as Taylor Swift is an extreme exercise in syncopation can be counted as

So who is the mystery writer? A screen shot of an unconfirmed pitch that was said to have gone out to a sales representative at Edelweiss says that one million copies will be printed, and that an affidavit will be given to sellers before the copies are received before the date of sale must be signed. “It's not a political book, it's a fun, festive title and will be a bit short, but for all ages. It has global appeal and will be widely publicized. I compare it to Flatiron's Matthew Perry memoir.. ..and will do a little bit for ‘Spare' by Prince Harry.

If that information is accurate, it's hard to think of many celebs that would justify a million-copy pressing. Britney Spears' supposed “tell-all” sales rep is a far cry from the “fun, festive” book promised in the description, and she's already scheduled for a rival publisher, so she's out. Speculation in the literary world is headed toward BTS, with a book-related account claiming to have privately confirmed it.

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