NFL schedule: We have 10 most pressing fantasy questions for 2023 after release

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With NFL schedule released to the public, Now we know when each team will face the opponents and what level of difficulty each team will face in this season. Matt Harmon attempts to predict the answers to 10 of the most pressing questions we'll have as the NFL schedule enters the 2023 season.

Are lions real?

We are going to get an answer soon. In a surprising turn of events, the Detroit Lions will travel to Arrowhead on September 7 to take on the defending Super Bowl Chiefs in the season opener.

The fact that he is deemed fit to start the season is a testament to not only how far the Lions have come under the Brad Holmes/Dan Campbell regime but also how far they are expected to go. Detroit wasn't even a playoff team last year. This shows that he is expected to take the next step and join a small group of real contenders in NFC.

It seems like a distant memory from a life long gone, but we have seen a Earlier in an island game, Patrick Mahomes vs. Jared Goff Barn Burner.

Much of the excitement for the 2023 Lions is driven by what the offense did last year, especially towards the end of the campaign. I'm not saying we should project Goff and Detroit into a 50-plus-point trading affair like the 2018 Rams game with Kansas City, but a strong offensive performance should be expected. If we don't get it in 1 week, it's going to be frustrating.

If Detroit really is, then hanging in a moment like this is hope, not a cure.

In general, I'm a Lions believer. And yet, there's a part of me that's a little worried about the high-end of the range of consequences for this offense… at least this early in the season.

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Amon-Ra Saint Brown The superstar is ready to join the club and could be the load-bearing truck of this team's passing game. But what is Detroit's counterpunch in the passing game? Together jameson williams Suspended for first six weeks of season, A at WR2-4 positions Marvin Jones, Josh Reynolds And caliph raymond ROTATION, Useful player but not exactly a top-notch passing attack in 2023. Even when Williams comes back, it's hard to judge a guy who is still a “theoretical” prospect 1.5 years into his career as a savior.

Sam Laporta The second round was taken early, but rookie tight ends don't usually get off to a hot start. fellow crooks Jahmir Gibbs There is such a special receiving possibility that he could be the No. 2 target behind St. Brown. Not impossible but still, a lot to ask.

St. Brown is good enough to cover a lot of sins but the rest of this passing game needs to step up right now. Is this all too much to put on the shoulders of Goff, a guy who has generally gone with the flow and talent level of his supporting cast? We'll find out soon.

Are the Jets legitimate contenders with Aaron Rodgers?

The Jets are counting on Rodgers taking a team that was great on defense (without the benefit of off-season turnovers) and a talented young offense and pushing it to the next level. I see three inflection points in their season schedule where we will get clarity on this topic.

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Week 1, Bills at Jets on Monday Night Football. If New York hangs on or, even better, beats the division's big brother with the bat, a Rodgers move could immediately seem like a revelation. The Bills are still a very talented roster and I like some of the minor tweaks they made this offseason. Firing away with his brand new weapons, Rodgers has a tough job of foiling an operation like Buffalo. Then again, Rogers is the type of player you'd expect most of him to be.

Week 4, the Jets head to Sunday Night Football. Almost the same logic. The Rodgers trade was made with the design that the Jets would be a genuine contender. They're not just looking to get “kid bro” status in the AFC behind the real big dogs.

Although to be fair, it would be a big jump from his quarterback position in 2022.

By this point in the season it would be perfectly reasonable for her chemistry with Rodgers to be fully developed Garrett Wilson, For breece hall Coming back close to 100% and overall clicks on a weekly basis.

Week 12, Dolphins at Jets on this new Black Friday special game. Miami's roster is good and if tua tagovailoa Healthy, we know this offense is dynamic. That said, if the Jets aren't better than the Dolphins at this point in the season, I'm prepared to call the Rodgers trade a disappointment. The AFC East is a really tough division. Don't deny it. But with Rodgers in town, New York should expect to be the tone-setter in that knockdown, drag-out fight. Not just for the ride.

Hey, what about Jordan Love… is he legit?

We will definitely get to see the answer to this question while playing Very In isolation this year. The Packers are one of 11 teams with more than five primetime games this year. The Chiefs, Bills, Cowboys and Chargers have only four with six.

Green Bay is a marquee franchise but if they are going to be on the level of those teams, the Loves will have to be good immediately. After spending the better part of last year quietly leaking their enthusiasm for Love's elusive “behind the scenes breakout,” Packers brass is now preaching patience for their new starting quarterback.

This is not an unreasonable question. Love looked impressive when he took the field against the Eagles last year after Rodgers was injured, but his overall playing action has been incredibly limited.

The Packers Week 11 to 13 – at home versus the Chargers, in Detroit for Thanksgiving and at home against the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football – seems like a good check-in moment on the early return of the Love Era.

Has the Ravens' offense really evolved?

I'm a big believer that the Ravens will look a lot different than the previous iteration lamar jackson-era The offense is now under control with Todd Monken. I don't think I'll have to wait long to find out if I was right.

The Ravens meet the division rival Bengals in Week 2. With new talent at receiver and a more modern passing game design, Baltimore must be ready, willing, and More importantly, able to convert it into a high-flying offensive affair.

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There is a possibility that the fantasy football value of the Ravens season is offense; One that the general consensus ignores because of the past but new talent could make it the key to winning it in 2023. I don't want to leave my draft without taking at least one of the Ravens' top three receivers. You'll know by week three how I feel about this take.

we can look back on the Ridley trade at the end of the year and see that he was Stephen Diggs to Lawrence Josh Allen. He is a great, established starting level receiver and Lawrence has made a huge jump in his second season. But just as Diggs and Allen helped bring out the best in each other, the Jags pairing could do the same.

Of course, Ridley's path to Jacksonville wasn't clear as he's currently a year and a half away from football. I've tried to let him temper his enthusiasm but there's no denying that he is who Lawrence is and this crime needs to be finalised.

I think we'll know how this Ridley trade turns out by week 7 of this season. The Jaguars will travel to New Orleans on Thursday night to play the Saints. We could totally see the national audience rooting for Ridley and Lawrence to bite a solid defense in a hostile stadium and crown them as the next big QB/WR duo.

On the other hand, this could be the night those of us ready to hail Ridley as the sneaky price WR1 changed the channel early.

Really, who is the QB?

The 49ers have a big NFC game against the Cowboys in Week 5 in San Francisco. We better get some clarity on their quarterback room by then.

Is brock purdy Back and healthy at this point? Did trey lance Carry the momentum off a torrid summer and keep your career on track to finally lead the 49ers to a 4-1 record coming into this game? Did Sam Darnold Will the rehabilitation timeline really turn into a reality?

At this point, I'm already tired of the guessing games, psychoanalysis Kyle Shanahan, and all the fiction. I just want to Know, By week 5, we should have an idea.

When does Mike McCarthy Hot-Seat Watch start?

Staying in the same game: This is a huge matchup for the Cowboys. The 49ers have defeated Dallas in their last three games, including sending them home in the playoffs in each of the past two seasons. It's time to correct course.

Dallas' offense is primed for being a great unit this season. receiver trio of a healthy Michael GallupNewcomer brandin cook and superstar seed lamb There is a chance to become a top flight crew. Tony Pollard Will be a Round 1 fantasy pick. dak prescott is set up to succeed. Right or wrong, I think we are all skeptical about Mike McCarthy taking over as play-caller and whether that could be the one thing holding this offense back.

The Cowboys have the Giants, Jets, Cardinals and Patriots in Weeks 1–4. It's a mixed bag of schedules. A big NFC matchup against the 49ers is a better barometer of whether McCarthy is starting the hot-seat watch or if the NFL's consensus on the longtime coach was too tight.

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Is Russell Wilson Fixable Or Beyond Broken?

I'm having it on week eight. This will be Denver's second game against Kansas City in three weeks and the first game to come in week six on Thursday Night Football. Most would be willing to hammer Wilson and Sean Payton's marriage in that island game, but I guess we can allow him to jail for half the season.

Overall, I am skeptical of Wilson being defendable or ready to hang with the Chiefs at any stage of this Broncos offense. I'm sure Payton is fine either way because he can start planning his next play as the Broncos' czar if Wilson isn't a viable starter eight weeks into the season.

Did Titans try to make this era last a year too long?

We should have a better sense of whether Tennessee actually did a full run to evacuate the car derrick henry,Ryan Tannehill/ No wideout recognition by their Week 7 bye. The Titans have the Saints, Chargers, Browns, Bengals, Colts, Ravens in weeks 1-6. Overall it is a tough slate.

If Mike Vrabel has this team at or above .500 and Henry shows zero signs of slowing down, his triple down could be successful in this era of Titans football. Should the other side of the coin be the reverse, we can see”Will Lewis Look ”on the near horizon.

Was Deshaun Watson's six-game disaster of 2022 a fluke?

Watson's problems that have gotten him to this place are all of his own making, but it's fair to say that six-game sample shouldn't define who he is as a player forever. That quarterback is still an attainable reality in Houston. We just have to move past the absolutely nightmare stretch from 2022 when he wasn't even a top-40 quarterback in dropbacks per EPA.

I love the setup of Cleveland's offense. amari cooper is a strong starting flanker, Elijah Moore is an outstanding full-field receiver ready to bounce back, Cedric Tillman is a good X-receiver prospect and Donovan Peoples-Jones Field stretcher. That room is deep.

David Njoku Last year changed its dynamics to production. Chubb Poised for possibly his best season ever as a fantasy player kareem hunt Gone and the passing game is ready to explode.

The Browns are another contender for the best value offense in fantasy football. Oddly enough, it just comes back to the quarterbacks being paid ungodly money to hold up their end of the bargain.