NFL schedule video ranking: Chargers ride anime to back-to-back titles in social media Super Bowl

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The day for schedule release has arrived. Now more than ever, that means it's time for every NFL social media account out there to duke it out for our attention and admiration.

The day has quickly become the social media Super Bowl for NFL teams, with increasingly high production values ​​and concepts ranging from the trendy to the esoteric. After a bumper crop last year, Thursday more than delivered, even though there were some missteps along the way.

For starters, we had several teams, each creating a video around artificial intelligence (Washington Commanders, Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers), TikTok (Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons) and Arian Foster claiming that the NFL are called scripted (New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville). Jaguar). None these videos hit the top spot here, nor do views like “Lamar Jackson”. talking to camera with promotional music“Or” Kyler Murray playing catch,

However, some teams went above and beyond. Here are 10 of our favorites from around the NFL, with an honorable mention to the Dallas Cowboys. Yellowstone Fanfest,


It was a great idea, but we're not sure about the execution (seems to be right with the jets).

Jets assisted trevor rainbolt, a pro GeoGuesser player whose videos will make you believe he has a superpower. GeoGuessr is a game that has seen prominence in the past few years in which you use your surroundings on Google Street View to figure out your location. In Rainbolt's video, that means things like seeing a telephone pole and instantly knowing you're in Malaysia.

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Rainbolt figuring out the jets schedule with GeoGuessr signals would have been an exclusive video… if we had been able to see the signals. Instead, it's down here, but that's no reason to be ashamed.

9. Minnesota Vikings

Who doesn't love a good one-take drone video? Not much to add here, just a solid video all around.

8. New England Patriots

It shouldn't surprise you that the Patriots will be talking about their former players instead of the roster on tap for this year, but Devin McCourty does a good job here and it's nice to see Tom Brady come home.

7. Denver Broncos

Who doesn't love “The Office”? People who are no longer living in 2009.

We children It's a perfectly fine, if slightly dated, effort featuring “Office” cast member Angela Kinsey, along with cameos from Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton. Congratulations to any Office fan out there on the team finally doing their job this year.

6. Indianapolis Colts

There's nothing wrong with a simple video with two people sitting at a table, as long as they're doing something fun. The Colts' food guessing game, featuring DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart, definitely qualifies.

5. Buffalo Bill

Bill was responsible The weirdest (but not the worst) videos of the past yearAnd it's a fun follow-up with some of the best players starring in the league.

4. Chicago Bears

“The Bears” is excellent television and the Bears deserve full credit for taking advantage of an award-winning show in their city. It's funny, it's fresh, it's local and it doesn't overstay its welcome like some other videos (the Colts alone weighs in at nine and a half minutes). excellent work.

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3. Pittsburgh Steelers

You can expect at least a few teams to go every year, but the difference here is that the Steelers actually did a good job with this snappy school movie from the '50s, starring tight end Zach Gentry. Is. Extra credit for calling out multiple Artificial Intelligence videos, but we have to dock points for being a “just throw the schedule at the end” video.

2. Tennessee Titans

This Video Was So Good, You'll Wonder Why The Titans Bothered making another one featuring keith urban,

The North Carolina Tigers, Boston Bobcats, The Red Stallions, Chester Cheeto, Lightning McQueen. just incredible stuff.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

Whoa boy

Look, we didn't want to reward the Chargers for recycling the idea from last year's league-best video, but the important point here is that the NFL's top social media team kept things fresh.

And by fresh, we mean a whole howitzer of disrespect, including jokes about the Lions' gambling suspension, the Cowboys' social media team throwing Prescott under the bus, and the Bills' Super Bowl struggles.

Will it win any awards for innovation? No. Was this video as fast paced as last year's? No. Has the Chargers' on-field success justified their social team's haymakers? No, and yet, the Chargers once again delivered what should be a scheduled release video, and they still do it better than anyone.

We'll see how it out next year. Hopefully, by then the Chargers will have a new idea.