NFL Rumors: Could Eagles Pull Off Austin Eckler Trade With Chargers?

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Why the Eagles-Austin Ekeler Trade Idea Isn’t Bad originally appeared nbc sports philadelphia

Would Eagles general manager Howie Roseman really consider trading assets for a veteran running back?

If he will, he has his chance now. And if you know Howie Roseman, he’ll always have at least one call.

ESPN insider Adam Schefter reported Tuesday that Chargers running back Austin Ekeler was given permission by the team to seek a partner after their contract talks were not productive:

Eckler turns 28 before next season begins and with exactly 1,200 touches in six seasons with the Chargers, there is a lot of wear on his wheels. He also hits the $7.75 million cap next year.

A veteran running back with a relatively heavy cap hit isn’t exactly you’d expect Roseman to do going forward — in fact, it’s probably the furthest thing from his usual target.


I can actually envision a world in which Roseman deals for Eckler, if the price is right. stay here with me

Sure, Ekeler would be 28. But he only has one year left on his deal, which means the risk is low. If the Eagles’ front office thinks they can be a Super Bowl contender again next season, then a one-year rental on one of the best and most dynamic RBs in the league is a great gamble when you need to run. Is.

Eckler’s deal also means the Chargers have less leverage in talks. Teams love to trade for a few things: bargain contracts, and long-term team control of talent. It is none of those things. A bidding war between the teams would potentially drive the price up, but not so far as to make it insane. And Roseman is a savvy trader, so he likely has a cut-off point anyway.

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But come on. Imagine this crime:

QB: Jalan Hearts
RB: Austin Eckler
TE: Dallas Goedert
WR1: AJ Brown
WR2: Devonta Smith

And then remember they have one of the best tackle pairings in the league, the best center in the league, and a Pro Bowl tackle in Landon Dickerson.

It would be humiliating.

I’m not saying the Eagles should do it, and I certainly don’t think they should force it. But I also don’t think it’s a crazy idea. Roseman has intentionally hoarded his draft capital, and this wouldn’t be a terrible time to put that stash to use.

You certainly don’t want to overreact and let recency bias color your decision making, but you don’t want to sit on your hands when you have legitimate talent on your roster and the NFC is weak. Sometimes you just go for it, and this wouldn’t be a bad time to double down.