NBA Playoffs: Nikola Jokic Pushes Suns Owner Matt Ishbia, Gets Technical Draw; Fan freaked out as the Nuggets touched the center

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Nikola Jokic mixed it up the stands on Sunday. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Sunday's Nuggets-Suns 4 set the scene for a wild second quarter involving a two-time MVP, a team owner and a retired Hall of Fame point guard.

With 2:36 left in the second quarter, Suns guard Josh Okogie fell into the stands chasing a loose ball out of bounds. The ball hit a fan with a courtside seat. Meanwhile, Jokic decided it was his job to retrieve it. He did so forcefully, knocking the ball out of the hands of the fan, who scooped it up.

that fan? He is the Suns' owner Ishbia, who bought the team midseason from exiled former owner Robert Sarver. After Jokic got the ball loose, Ehsbia received a push to the chest, sending the Suns owner back to his seat. Ishbia is seen wearing a green jacket in the video below:

Security intervened, and both Jokiw and Okogie returned to the court. Another video angle shows Jokic looking directly at Ishbia before he strikes with an arm tremor. Ishbia, a former Michigan State basketball player and perhaps aware of the potential trouble Jokic could face, didn't put up much resistance. He fell back in his seat with his arms crossed.

Meanwhile, another fan grabbed a part of Jokic's jersey, while a third placed his hand on Jokic's left arm.

The blue-shirted fan who grabbed Jokic's jersey? That was Detroit Pistons Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas, who joined Ishbia as his guest. thomas is a friend of ishbia WHO sits on the board on your mortgage business.

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Officials began replays to assess the scene and how to resolve it. The ruling was to issue a non-playing technical foul to Jokic. Meanwhile, security escorted the black-shirted fan who touched Jokic off the court. There was no penalty for Ishbia or Thomas.

Kevin Durant hit the ensuing technical free throw, and play resumed without further incident. Frakes didn't appear to faze Jokic, who finished the half with a game-high 24 points — and a bizarre new addition to his highlight reel.