NASCAR QNA: Ross Chastain on alert, Denny Hamlin wins, Darlington (and Carl Edwards!) on deck

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Is there a place to visit after the Wilderness in Darlington?

sure seems throwback weekend Came a week ago. We had plenty of on-track anger – especially from Kyle Busch's in-car radio – and some final-lap beatin' and bangin' old people will tell you Was once very common (by the way, it was not).

Oh, and an honest-to-goodness punch was thrown during the “cool-down” after the race. Isn't it weird when the person facing off (Noah Gregson, in this instance) is the person who takes the only punch (from Ross Chastain)?

In fairness, Noah did throw a punch, but it was stopped by security. Not sure if this says more about the security guard's strength or Noah's lack of it.

Goodness, who had a Kansas “Where Will Break Loose” pool?

NASCAR Pole Ross Chastain vs Noah Gregson? Denny Hamlin's bumper? Um, passing? What was different in Kansas? Vote!

NASCAR Speed ​​Freaks Ross Chastain punched in, Denny Hamlin punched in, and now Darlington? Yes!

Carl Edwards is returning to NASCAR this weekend. kinda. He will not be in the driver's uniform.

The coming weekend should restore peace, isn't it?

Here's the thing: you never know. You go into Darlington where the traffic lanes narrow Richard Petty's pant legExpecting all kinds of mayhem, and a church picnic might go awry.


I can't hear the church bells, can I? A Sunday dance with the Lady in Black has all the makings of not watching TV.

For good measure, Ryan Newman returned to NASCAR this week with Rick Ware Racing, Chase Elliott's dad will be spending time in the Fox TV booth, and so will Carl Edwards. That's right — cousin Karl, who's pulled a full Greta Garbo since retiring, is coming over to say hey.

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You know, you never even mentioned the Kansas winner?

There's a lot going on, you know.

You had to love Denny Hamlin's willingness to play rough with Kyle Larson as well as Larson's willingness to admit it – a fierce battle on the final lap for the win, exactly when such things should happen . If Dany had achieved that physical in Stage 1 or 2, Kyle would not have been so wise.

Kyle will definitely return the favor when the opportunity arises, and Denny will graciously accept it. OK maybe.

This article was originally published in The Daytona Beach News-Journal: NASCAR: Heading to Darlington with Ross Chastain … and Carl Edwards!