Nancy Meyers confirms title of her new movie, teases its plot after Netflix split

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Nancy Meyers is addressing the drama surrounding his new film after Parted ways with Netflix over its big budget earlier this week,

The director who’s the mastermind behind rom-com classics of 2006 Holiday and 2003 something’s Gotta Giveconfirmed the of the currently stalled project and hinted about its story in an Instagram on Saturday.

“Much has been written about my new film,” Meyers wrote. “Here’s one thing I can easily clarify – and that’s the title – Paris Paramount. This is from a quote by the brilliant and elegant comedy director (dare we say the creator of the romantic comedy) Ernst Lubitsch.

He said, “This movie is about a group of people making a movie and the magic and mystique of what we do. As always, Lubitsch said it best.”

Along with her caption, Meyers shared a quote from the German director, which read, “I’ve been Paris, France, and I’ve been to Paris, Paramount, and frankly, I like Paris, Paramount.”

In the comments section of her post, author Ina Garten, Gary Jannettyand Danny Pellegrino shared his support for Meyer’s film, with Pellegrino commenting, “We’ll see where this ends up!”

Meyers and Netflix were unable come to an agreement on a budget for the film, which would have marked Meyers’ first feature-length directing project in nearly a decade. hollywood reporter, In the days after partition, deadline reported that Warner Bros. has shown interest in acquiring the project.which Meyers will write, produce and direct.

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Meyers’ departure from the streaming service comes just weeks after the director confirmed rumors that Scarlett Johansson, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender were in talks star in the film. However, it is not clear whether the actor will appear in it or not, considering its recent shakeup.

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On March 8, Meyers posted a screenshot of a Google search containing an article about possible casting with the words, “Scarlett Johansson direct Nancy Meyers for Netflix.” She captioned the teasingly, “Google, you’re so close.”

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