Most Memorable MTV Movie & TV Awards Moments: Tom Cruise Acceptance Speech, Drew Barrymore Recorded Segment

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Although 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards didn't go as planned at first Pivoting from a Live Ceremony to a Pretaped, the show was still full of memorable moments. From Drew Barrymore's appearances on hit TV shows and movies to Tom Cruise accepting the award from a fighter pilot jet, here are some of the 's most memorable moments.

Despite being ousted as host, Drew Barrymore appears in segments during the show.

Drew Barrymore opens the 2023 awards show in a drama segment as her never been Kissed The character Josie Geller, but was cast in other popular shows and movies. some of them included Smile, Wednesday, M3GAN, No, White lotus, Top Gun: Maverick And finally, cocaine bearwhere she finally gets her kiss from said bear.

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The actress-producer was also featured in other pre-recorded segments and commercials throughout the ceremony, which included a remake of the film. barbie Trailer, a clip from the Netflix hit series Wednesday, a Pluto TV commercial and more. At the end of the show, she also appeared in a video to accept the award for Best Host.

Then comes Barrymore's prerecorded appearance kicked out as hostStating that she was doing so in support of the Writers Guild of America strike.

Jennifer Coolidge Defends WGA Strike Accepting Comedic Genius Honor

Jennifer Coolidge accepts the Comedic Genius AwardWhite lotus had some thoughts about the actress Writers Guild of America Strike: “Almost all great comedies start with great writers and I feel, you know, as a proud member of [SAG-AFTRA]I stand before you tonight shoulder to shoulder with my sisters and brothers of the WGA who are fighting right now, fighting for the rights of artists everywhere.

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Tom Cruise accepts award from fighter pilot jet

Top Gun: Maverick Star Tom Cruise won the award for Best Performance in a Movie, but he didn't accept the award in any of the mock videos. The actor delivered his speech from the cockpit of a fighter pilot jet: “Thank you so much for this award. I make this show for you. I love you. I love entertaining you. You know how much you enjoy it.” Let's face it, there's no better feeling than how much you appreciate it.

He too Appeared at King Charles III's Coronation Concert In the same way as on the first Sunday at Windsor Castle.

Pedro Pascal, ‘The ' Win Big

Pedro Pascal held up a golden popcorn trophy in his first prerecorded acceptance speech, making it three of the last. The actor accepted three awards last of usIncluding Best Show, Best Hero and Best Couple with Bella Ramsey.

During his speeches, where he was seen every time in the same yellow shirt, he thanked the fans, the show's producers and production, as well as showing his support for the striking writers and the Writers Guild “who work so hard for a fair wage”. Struggling.”

Ghostface appears to accept two awards

In a pretaped video, Ghostface from Scream VI appeared to accept two awards for Best Fight and Best Film.

The winning film was the brawl specifically between Courteney Cox's Gale Weathers and Ghostface. During the antagonist's first speech, he said, “It's time someone really appreciated my work. Too bad Gail couldn't be here tonight, but don't worry, I'll make sure she gets what she deserves.” You know what they say in Hollywood, ‘Movies don't make psychos, movies make psychos more creative,' and I'm hoping for a lot of creativity.

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Ghostface made another appearance afterward to accept one of the top awards for Best Picture. During the speech, he said, “There's a twist you didn't see coming – the villain comes out on top.”

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