Men’s Final Four predictions, Chris Beard hired by Brent X saga of Ole Miss and Syracuse

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Ford and Ross Dellinger react to the firing of Syracuse’s Brent Axe as well as their men’s March Madness Final Four predictions on today’s episode.

Longtime Syracuse radio host Brent Axe was fired Monday for his “negative comments” on the Syracuse Orange basketball program. offer their opinions on Axe’s firing, which they find curious given former Syracuse head coach Jim Boehm’s affiliation with the network.

In other basketball news, the Ole Miss Rebels have found their newest head basketball coach in Chris Beard, a move that upset Texas fans after the former Longhorns coach was fired earlier in the year for domestic violence allegations. was given, which has since been removed. Beard’s leaves weary of the hypocrisy of college athletic departments interested in ethics, with this latest hiring shining a light on patterns of reputation-cleansing at secondary schools.

Before moving on to the show’s official picks for March Madness, Dan explains his betting strategy for the first round of the tournament. Then, predict who makes it out of the East, West, South, and Midwest regions.

2:15 Radio host Brent X is fired for being too negative

21:52 Chris Beard is being hired by Ole Miss

40:30 Dan’s betting method for March Madness

46:00 Which teams will make it to the last four?

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