Mekhi Becton Says He’s Left Tackle, Robert Saleh Tells Him To Earn It

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when jets 5th year option declined on objectionable behavior Mekhi Becton, this raised questions as to whether he had a future with the team. But if he's going to play, coach Robert Saleh wants him to know he has to earn it.

Saleh told reporters that there would be competitions at both right and left tackle, including Becton. duane brown, max mitchell, Billy Turner and Cedric Ogbuhi, Becton indicated on Twitter that he believes he should be the Jets' starting left tackle.

“Me. Am. Left. Grappling!!!” Becton wrote a tweet that he later deleted.

When asked about Becton's tweet, Saleh said he would become left tackle if he made it.

,go earn left tackleSaleh said, via York Daily News, “Competition.”

Becton has been disappointed since the Jets took him with the 11th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, but Saleh told reporters he has an opportunity this season.

“The expectation for them is no different than for anyone else,” Saleh said. “It's redundant, I think I say it to you guys all the time, but you wake up and find a way to be better and that's who you are every single day. That's the hope. If it leads to starting “If it leads to the left tackle position, it doesn't matter. If you go to bed satisfied with the way you approach every day and the way you it, it It's going to work in your favor. If it doesn't, at least you go to bed knowing you've tried your best.

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The Jets drafted Becton because they feel that at his best, he has the potential to be an elite left winger. He needs to prove it.

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