Matthew Stafford Officially Has Another $57 Million Fully Guaranteed

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Will the Rams want to find a way to gracefully move on from quarterback Matthew Stafford, Perhaps. do they have No.

While there isn’t a roster move for Stafford due to business closures coming and going on Thursday, he will be on the on Friday. Which means he’ll see another $57 million fully guaranteed.

Notably, his $31 million base salary in 20 will be fully guaranteed. Also, his $26 million option bonus must now be exercised.

Throw in his $1.5 million base salary through and a fully guaranteed $1.5 million base salary for 2023, and Stafford has $120 million paid or owed since Super Bowl LVI.

And, yes, the Rams would (we’re told) welcome the opportunity to trade Stafford. If Had Aaron Rodgers decided not to join the Jets, Stafford could have become Plan B, had he been willing to move to New York.

There is some speculation that Stafford will retire, although he has stated that he will not. If he retires now, he would have to pay the Rams up to $48 million in signing-bonus compensation, in addition to giving up the millions in guaranteed money he has yet to receive.

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