Marilyn Manson overhears judge Gut Rocker’s defamation case against Evan Rachel Wood over abuse allegations

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Shock rocker Marilyn Manson suffered a legal blow when a California judge dismissed most of the estranged musician's defamation case against Evan Rachel Wood. done by Actress claims abuse during ex-couple's relationship.

LA Superior Court Judge Teresa A. In a multi-pronged temporary order Tuesday, Beaudet wrote, “The court grants permission to partially strike Wood's special motion, which just became final (read it here,

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Judge Beaudette takes the guts out of Manson aka Brian Warner's lawsuit, emphasizing the Golden State's -SLAPP law and its individual protections March 2022, While Manson's case may move forward on the remaining counts, the big- items are pretty much dead, at least for now. Now emerging out of the lawsuit, Manson and his lawyers attempted to discredit Wood by forcing her to write a fictitious FBI letter and create a sort of checklist for alleged Manson victims.

“We are very pleased with the court's decision, which affirms and protects Evan's exercise of his fundamental First Amendment rights,” Michael Kump, Wood's lead attorney, told Deadline after the hearing order was finalized today. ” “As the court rightly found, plaintiff failed to show that there is even minimal merit to her claims against him.”

Suffering second loss in a row In the case, Manson's team had their own take on the judge's decision, and how they aimed to take another swing.

“The ruling is disappointing but not unexpected. The court telegraphed this result when it refused to consider former plaintiff Ashley Smithline's blistering oath, which detailed how she was accused of making false claims about Brian Warner. How women were systematically pressured by Evan Rachel Wood and Ilma Gore,” Manson attorney Howard King declared this afternoon. ,

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“The court's decision not to consider Ms. Gore's iPad, as well as its failure to admit this critical evidence, the contents of which demonstrated how she and Ms. Wood fabricated a forged FBI letter, is an urgent matter for California.” Will be subject to appeal.” Court of Appeal,” he said.

Manson's lawsuit comes a year after Wood took to social media in 2021 to publicly name her ex-fiancé for abusing her “appallingly” and “framing” during the two's 2007 to 2010 relationship. Wood, now 35, was 16 when she and Manson became a couple. In 2017, Wood told a congressional committee that she had been raped and repeatedly abused, but did not say exactly who the alleged stalker was.

After Manson named Wood after he was dropped from his record label and lost TV gigs and CAA representation in short order, the singer said the claims were “horrible distortions of reality”. number of others in the following weeks and months, such as game of Thrones Actress Esme Bianco came forward with own allegations and lawsuits Details of physical and psychological abuse by Manson.

Several cases and claims against Manson have been settled, dismissed, as was true of Smithline's efforts, or dropped over the past year. For example, Bianco closed his nearly two-year-long sexual assault and sexual battery case against Manson. in February 2022 After the parties have reached a confidential settlement.

At the core of Manson's now mainly neutered suit against Wood Phoenix Rising, Two-part documentary on the singer and his alleged cycles of abuse and violence to premiere virtually in 2022 sundance film festival, A few months later, the Amy Berg film debuted on HBO – even after Manson tried to move legal Heaven and Earth to stop it.

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In February 2021, The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department's Special Victims Bureau began an investigation into multiple allegations of abuse between 2009–2011, when Manson lived in West Hollywood. Part of that investigation was presented to LA County DA George Gascon.

No action has yet been taken by the DA's office which I understand is an ongoing investigation.

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