Malala praised for ‘correct’ response to Oscars gag about Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine

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education worker Malala Yousafzai Was Amidst celebrities and notables on the champagne red carpet from this year onwards academic award Celebration.

of Pakistani origin Nobel Peace Prize the winner participating oscar as executive producer of stranger at the gateNominated for Best Documentary Short Film.

Ms. Yousafzai, popularly known by her maiden name, was Wore clothes in a dazzling floor-length Ralph Lauren Silver-sequined gown with an included head scarf. She also wore an emerald flower ring from Santi Jewels.

Malala was praised by Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel for her “perfect and classy” response in the middle of the evening, in which she pretended to ask questions from members of the public.

“As the youngest Nobel laureate in history,” Kimmel asked, “I was wondering, do you think Harry Styles spits on Chris Pine?”

Malala replied: “I only speak of peace.”

Twitter users praised the moment, calling it a “mic drop” moment, while others were unimpressed with the use of the Nobel Peace Prize winner to set up an “awkward” joke.

“Ok but did @jimmykimmel seriously ask @Malala about Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine? ðŸ¤¦ðŸ »å™ €ï¸ her answer was so classy and correct,” one person wrote. wrote.

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Speaking to the ABC earlier in the evening, Ms Yousafzai said she was determined to enjoy the night and was looking forward to seeing Rihanna perform alongside Austin Butler and Michelle Yeoh.

stranger at the gate The dramatic story of a former US Marine planning a terrorist attack on a mosque in Muncie, Indiana.

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Richard “Mac” McKinney admits he had a deep hatred of Muslims and planned to bomb the Islamic Center in his hometown.

He visited the mosque to gather intelligence and found himself welcomed by the community.

“It’s a story about the power of forgiveness, redemption, kindness, compassion. I believe in those values,” Ms. Yousafzai said of the film. “What really stands out to me in this movie Mack’s willingness to accept that love, to accept that compassion. He took his time, but he didn’t close the door on the love he saw out there.” .

Ms Yousafzai was once targeted for assassination by the Taliban for campaigning for girls’ right to education.

she recently Hollywood called out for lack of Muslim and Asian representation in a speech on DiversityWomen’s power event.

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