Logan Ryan Perfectly Describes What It’s Like To Play For Bill Belichick

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Logan Ryan Perfectly Describes What It's Like To Play For Bill Belichick originally appeared nbc sports boston

what it's really like to be coached by bill belichick,

The head coach of the New England Patriots isn't the easiest person to play for. But there is no coach in the NFL who teaches fundamentals and positional football better than Belichick. His more than five decades of experience in the sport is also a big help – there aren't many scenarios he hasn't seen before.

The results also speak for themselves.

Belichick has won a record six Super Bowl titles as head coach – all with the Patriots – and another two (1986, 1990) as New York Giants defensive coordinator. His 31 playoff wins are 11 more than any other head coach in league history.

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Logan Ryan played for Belichick and the Patriots from 2013 to 2016. In that four-season span, Ryan won two Super Bowl titles and the Patriots reached the AFC Championship Game four times.

During an appearance Monday on the NFL Network show “Good Morning Football,” Ryan went into great detail about what it's really been like to play under Belichick.

“First of all, I loved being coached by Bill Belichick. I enjoyed it. I know not everyone can. But the way he treated a rookie and the way he treated Tom Brady He was pretty similar in the sense that you get what you put in,” Ryan said. “And I related to him, I really did. He was very nerdy. I thought he was funny. We'd always crack jokes. But he wasn't a favorite. And I think when you look at these coaches, So you want them to – – one, to be like yourself. And the stuff that Bill wears, how Bill talks, is Bill Belichick, right? He's not copying anybody else. And fair with all of you want to behave. And I think the Bill does exactly that.

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Ryan also shared some great stories that show what a coach Belichick is like. Watch them in the video below:

Despite winning so many Super Bowl titles, Belichick still has a few records left to chase before he retires.

One of them is the all- regular season wins record. He is behind legendary Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula with 30. Belichick is just behind Shula for most wins (regular season and combined) with 18.

It won't be easy for Belichick to break these records. The Patriots took a step back in 2022 and missed the playoffs. The has also improved in the offseason, and the conference overall is super competitive. Getting the Patriots to the post-season in 2023 would probably be one of his most impressive accomplishments in the past 10 years.