LeBron James should be rested in Lakers-Warriors Game 5, suggests Mike Greenberg

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Greenberg awkwardly suggests Lakers should rest stars in Game 5 originally appeared nbc sports birea

From time to time, drops so hot fall into the that they have to be handled with oven mitts.

ESPN's Mike Greenberg released one of them ahead of Wednesday's Game 5 between the Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Chase Center, a matchup in which Golden State is on the brink of elimination.

“Here's my suggestion: LeBron needs to put on a nice, comfortable robe over that pair of slippers and go watch Game 5 last night from the comfort of his mansion in L.A.,” Greenberg said Tuesday on ESPN's “Get Up” show. Get ready for it.”

“He shouldn't even go to San Francisco. … I'm going down with this ship on that principle.”

The Warriors lost 3–1 against the Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals lost by three points on monday night in Los Angeles.

He has responded with his back against the wall countless times throughout the dynasty's run and again this postseason. Golden State fell behind 2–0 to the Kings in the first round, only to fight back to win the next three and Game 7.

Greenberg expects the Warriors to beat the Lakers on Wednesday night in the confines of the Chase Center in San Francisco.

“The Lakers have no chance to win Game 5 of this series,” Greenberg said. “The Warriors will play for their dynasty with a home crowd. They are going to win. Don't waste LeBron or Eddie's energy on this game.

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“You only need to win one more game. I'm kidding somewhat when I say don't bring them up. But what I'm saying is how much I would have used LeBron and Eddie in Game 5. Yeah, I think my best chance to close out this series is at home in Game 6.”

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Warriors have been here before. He returned in the 2016 Western Conference Finals in a 3–1 loss against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder.

It's a long way to Game 7, and the Warriors plan to get there. But you can bet Steve Kerr and company wouldn't mind if the Lakers followed Greenberg's strange advice to rest in Game 5.

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