Lakers’ Austin Reeves ignites NBA Twitter with half-court buzzer beater

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Reeves ignites NBA Twitter with half-court buzzer beater originally appeared nbc sports birea

Austin Reeves founded NBA Twitter game 6 on fire in the Western Conference semifinals against the Warriors at Arena on Friday.

With expiring in the second quarter, Klay Thompson shot an airball that was quickly rebounded by Donte DiVincenzo. Reading the play, Anthony Davis blocked DiVincenzo's pass attempt to Reeves, who ran down the sideline and fired a shot from 54 feet out, well beyond half-court.

The ball went through the air and hit nothing, but the clock expired, giving the Los Angeles Lakers a 10-point lead at halftime.

It was an unfortunate play for the Warriors, but NBA Twitter was a little excited to see Reeves' shot fall.

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Reeves had nine points, three rebounds and three assists after the first half.

If the Warriors want to prolong their playoff run, they will have to somehow try to stop the Lakers' momentum.

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