Lady Gaga helps photographer after she falls on Oscars red carpet: ‘Hero’

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Lady Gaga Stopped on the way inside the Dolby Theater at the 95th Annual Academy Awards to help one photographer who fell on the champagne colored carpet.

on sunday 12 march a star is born The star, who wore a sheer Versace gown for the occasion, walked the beige carpet oscar when she turned suddenly to run towards a photographer who had stumbled and fallen.

Lady Gaga could then be seen helping the photographer to his feet and checking to make sure he was okay before walking inside.

The moment earned the actress praise on media, where fans lauded her for extending a helping hand.

“Hero,” tweeted person, while another said: “Note she didn’t even think about it, it was her response to help her, she’s really sweet and kind.”

Someone else tweeted, “The way people react speaks volumes about who they are at their core.”

Later in the night, Lady Gaga, who is nominated for Best Original Song for her Top Gun: Maverick The song “Hold My Hand”, was performed in a stripped-down look consisting of black jeans, a gray T-shirt and minimal makeup.

“Lady Gaga is the first person I’ve seen at the Oscars actually wearing my own dress. Wouldn’t bet on her,” person tweeted about the believable look, while another added: “@Lady Gaga Just killed her performance at the Oscars and did it in the most low-key way possible. Like no big production, no dancer, no fancy outfit. really killed it.