I attempted Panda Specific for the primary time, and I am getting the hype even if its most renowned dish let me down

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I was pleasantly surprised by Express since the food was nowhere near as bad or bland as I thought it would be.

I would try only a few items from Express again.

Pascale Mondesir

Overall, I thought Express’ food was decent when compared to meals I’ve had at Chinese restaurants.

Though Express isn’t exactly super authentic, I still enjoyed the same flavors I’ve grown accustomed to at the hole-in-the-wall spots I visited in New York.

However, I wished Express had more menu options. Aside from the appetizers, it seemed like all you can choose from for a meal included either rice, chow mein, or super greens, and some sort of meat entrée. The umbrella of Chinese food (or even Chinese-inspired food) is so broad and made up of a ton of unique, rich dishes so it would’ve been nice to see more options.

If I had to buy another bigger plate, I’d choose the chow mein with honey-walnut shrimp, string-bean breast, and broccoli beef again.

Express doesn’t beat the Chinese-food places I always run back to but this was still a pretty tasty adventure.

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