HBO’s Display Triggers a Meteoric Upward thrust in The Remaining of Us Gross sales

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Many are sceptical of Sony’s decision to take PlayStation’s biggest properties outside of its own ecosystem, but it turns out the suits with big salaries know exactly what they’re doing. HBO’s critically acclaimed adaptation of The Last of Us is, perhaps unsurprisingly, driving enormous interest around Naughty Dog’s survival horror series – and sales of The Last of Us: Part I and The Last of Us Remastered enjoyed a meteoric resurgence in the UK this week.

It should be noted that neither game lit up the charts – the PS5 remake finished in 20th place and its PS4 remaster in 32nd position – but it’s the scale of the increase that’s worth pointing out: 238 per cent and 322 per cent week-over-week, respectively. We will add this only accounts for physical sales, although we’d imagine digital is seeing a similar trend. Of note, we also observed a 95 per cent increase in traffic on our The Last of Us guide following the release of the show compared to the week prior – ’t you just love data?