Hailey Bieber Survives 1 Year After Mini-Stroke That Caused Hole in Her Heart to Be Discovered

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber Sharing some of the information I’ve learned since experiencing a stroke last year.

The 26-year-old model recently revealed on her Instagram story that it’s been a year since she experienced a health scare This led them to discover that he had a patent foramen ovale (PFO), a heart condition in which a hole exists between the left and right sides of his heart.

“Can’t believe It’s been a year since I had a mini stroke This led to my PFO diagnosis,” Baldwin Bieber shared on Instagram, along with a YouTube recorded over a year ago, detailing how he found out about the condition.

Posting a donation link to UCLA Health, she said, “Given that this marks one year since such a life-changing event, I wanted to share all I learned about PFO and share resources.” wanted to do.” Diagnose his condition.



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In his next two Instagram Story slides, he shared Some facts about PFO from UCLA HealthIt also includes that it is the “most common congenital heart defect” and affects “20% of all people”.

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The post states that PFOs have a “60% incidence among first-degree relatives” and that “60% of people who have a stroke with no known cause are likely to have a PFO.”

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In a second post, she gave some insight into how PFO occurs, saying that “the passageway between the left and right atria of the heart” is present in everyone before birth, but eventually closes. However, like in Baldwin Bieber’s case, “the flap doesn’t close in about one out of four people.”

Baldwin Bieber explained in a in April that after his mini-stroke he underwent a transcranial Doppler, a “ accurate” and “in-depth” ultrasound test to detect strokes caused by blood clots. Was.

she said she was Diagnosed with Grade 5 PFO – the “highest grade” possible, and the small hole between the left and right sides of his heart measured between 12 and 13 millimeters.

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Baldwin Bieber then underwent a procedure to close the PFO under the recommendation of his doctor. A small, button-like object was inserted through a femoral vein in her groin to close the small hole, and she said her heart tissue would grow back around the closure device.

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She shared at the time that the PFO closure process had gone “very smoothly” and that she was in the recovery process.

“I think the biggest thing is that I’m really relieved that we were able to figure everything out, that we were able to find closure, that I’ll actually be able to move on from this horror and Just live my life.” He said.

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