Drivers sue Musk’s Tesla over repair fees and wait times

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Elon Musk pauses and looks down as he speaks during a press conference – Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images

Tesla’s owners are suing Elon Musk’s electric car maker For allegedly misusing its hold on repairs to overcharge and impose long delays.

A class action lawsuit filed in California says “anticompetitive” conduct by Tesla means owners are unable to go to independent repair shops or have third-party parts installed.

Tesla Model S owner Virginia Lambrix, who filed the lawsuit, said Tesla drivers faced poor repair options compared to gasoline and diesel cars, and that the company’s conduct was copied by other electric vehicle companies.

“Tesla’s malpractice due to a lack of competition in the Tesla repair services and Tesla-compatible parts markets has resulted in artificially inflated prices, insufficient supply, and excessive waiting times for Tesla owners seeking to maintain or repair their EVs.” are looking for. [electric vehicles]Sue said.

It said Tesla owners have the option of using only company or approved service centres, claiming it violates US anti-monopoly laws.

“But for Tesla’s anti-competitive and monopolistic conduct, Tesla owners would have the same maintenance and repair options as purchasers of ICEs. [internal combustion engine] vehicle,” the lawsuit said.

“Such competition will inevitably lead to increased supply and lower prices.”

Tesla has said electric vehicles It requires less maintenance and fewer repairs than petrol-powered cars, but independent reviewers have questioned these claims.

Tesla Model 3 vehicles are seen during a delivery event at its factory - REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo

Tesla Model 3 vehicles are seen during a delivery event at its factory – REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo

Many Tesla owners have complained of frustrating wait times for replacement parts or service appointments As the carmaker evolved,

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The lawsuit says Tesla’s sales have more than tripled since 2018, but the number of stores and service stations has failed to keep pace.

It says Tesla closely controls access to its diagnostic tools, charging repair shops as much as $3,000 (£2,486) a year for those needed for repairs.

The lawsuit seeks to compel Tesla to make manuals and diagnostic tools available to individuals and independent garages, and to reimburse customers for amounts it allegedly overcharged for repair services.

accounted for the majority of the company electric car sales In the first eight months of last year, that put it in a dominant market position, according to the lawsuit.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

The company has gradually started opening up its Supercharger charging network to other car makers.