Draymond Green suspended for exceeding NBA technical foul limit after ball bounced over Russell Westbrook’s head

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Draymond Green was suspended by the NBA on Thursday for exceeding the league’s technical foul limit.

golden state warriors forward will not be able to play Friday’s game against The Atlanta Hawks post their latest technicality, 16th the season.

Green picked up technicality on Wednesday for an incident against the Los Angeles Clippers. With less than a minute left in the first half the Clippers’ 134–126 win, Green lofted the ball over Russell Westbrook’s head into the back of the Clippers’ bucket.

The officials immediately whistled Green for technicality.

After the game, Green told reporters that he expected the technical foul to be rescinded.

“I think something will change,” Green said. “If it’s technique, then every word you say on the court is technique. We’ll see.”

The league apparently took issue not with Green’s words, but the fact that he bounced the ball over an opponent’s head. It didn’t rule out technology.

NBA players and coaches are subject to automatic one-game suspensions without pay after 16 technical fouls in season. They are then immediately at risk getting more suspensions. Every two technical fouls after the 16th start triggers another suspension without pay.

In Golden State’s 70th game the season, Green picked up his 16th technical catch. They have 12 more games to go as they battle for position in the Western Conference playoffs. Wednesday’s loss left them at 36–34, good for sixth place in tightly packed conference race.