Does Chief Kells regret his sloppy talk with the Cincinnati mayor? Here’s what he said Tuesday

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leading tight end travis kelse was asked on Tuesday whether he had any regrets over his remarks about Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Purewal After Kansas City’s 23-20 AFC Championship Game victory On 29 January.

Kels – too early – said no.

“I don’t regret it, no. In fact, I enjoy saying it,” Kelce said with a smile at the Chiefs’ team hotel on Tuesday. If we get a chance to see him again in the AFC Championship, I can say it again.”

After the Chiefs’ conference title-game victory, kels calls out the rock During KC’s on-field celebration; He responded to Pureval, who had previously jokingly called for a paternity test to confirm the Bengals quarterback which bad was the chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes‘ Father.

“I have a few words for the Cincinnati mayor,” Kelce said that night while holding CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz’s microphone. “Know your role and shut your mouth, you Jabronie!”

Kelce also responded to the Cincinnati cornerback mike hiltonwho previously called the Chiefs’ home stadium “Barrowhead”.

“Browhead my a–!” Kelce said during the televised interview. “This is the of the Mahomes!”

Kelce made sure Tuesday to reiterate his overall respect for the Bengals — and for Burrows in particular.

“Joe Burrows, being an Ohio football player, I’ve been pumping him by his side since he’s been in the league, since he’s been in college,” Kelsey said. “He handles everything well. He handles the game and the situations in the right way.

“You know, if we met the Bengals every year in the AFC Championship, it would be a fun, fun ride. Because they’re a great team and I love the challenge of playing with that team every time.”

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Kelce addressed a wide range of other topics during his interview on Tuesday. This included him being asked about the key to success on Super Bowl week, his third such appearance.

“I think the biggest thing is just to take naps,” Keles said. “You have to find a way to relax, mentally, physically. And I get my little catnaps—45-to-one-hour naps throughout the day. It gives me a way to recharge and focus on work.” helps.”

How important are they? Kelce said he would take one before Tuesday’s media session.

“And it’s not even noon,” he said, laughing.

Some other broad topics: Kelce was asked if he would ever consider getting back in the ring as a professional wrestler.

“I’m not going to say it. I’ve always enjoyed pro wrestling,” Kelse said. “I’ve always tuned in and obviously had some fun with the mic scares. … We’ll see happens in the future, I’m certainly not ruling it out.

He was also asked he would like people to remember about him when his football career is over.

“I want my legacy to be one of the best teammates anyone could ever have, a guy who was accountable and a guy who loved to have fun every day, he was a complete dog and a baller on Sundays ,” said Kelce. “That’s all I care about.”

Head coach Andy Reid said the team went through a padded drills on Monday before taking it easy during run-throughs on Tuesday. Kelce said he enjoyed returning to a game-week ritual before Super Bowl LVII in nearby Glendale, Arizona, where the Chiefs will play philadelphia eagles,

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“I loved it. It was good to throw the pads, to get back into the routine of things – coming off the ball and hitting somebody,” Kelse said. “You always want to be in that mode of maintaining physical ability and making sure you don’t lose it. And I think Coach Reid does a better job of measuring that throughout the year.”