Contreras vs. Cardinals, Soto’s trip to the store and Craig Goldstein defends umpires

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This week on the bandwagon, Hannah and Zach try and figure out how Juan Soto ended up at a Petco for his calendar shoot, explore the already tumultuous between Wilson Contreras and the Cardinals, and Chat with Craig Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus about appreciating umpires.

This week's bandwagon starts off with a bang, with Hannah and Zack trying to dig deeper and find out how Juan Soto got his money at a Petco near a fish tank for his “Padres Puppies Calendar.” Took a picture

They then discuss the week's news that the St. Louis Cardinals are moving newly acquired catcher Wilson Contreras to the outfield and then decide that they will teach him to play catcher instead. It's very strange and another bad form for the Cardinals in the midst of a bad season.

It was Hannah's turn to come up with a game and she asked “Actually Angels or Tungsten Arm O'Doyle?” This game is meant to showcase Zack's memory and the greatness of Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout (while the struggle to win ).

A little than a month into the regular season, Hannah and Zach look at the numbers to see whether the new rules have had a huge impact on MLB and what that impact could be. Stay tuned to Hannah for thoughts on the new MLB rules, they are very, very different.

Finally, Craig Goldstein, editor-in-chief of Baseball Prospectus, joins the show and bandwagons for the umpires. Yes, the police of baseball. Craig says they are better than they get credit for and we should be empowering them instead of tearing them down. It's a controversial move, but one with some merit.

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