Clone High trailer, release date schedule for HBO Max revival

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Clone High trailer, release date schedule for HBO Max revival

Max reveals the trailer for the upcoming revival of the cult hit 2002 MTV animated series clone high,

When will the Clone High HBO Max episodes come out?

The series is all set to make its debut on May 23 with the first two episodes. They will be followed by two new episodes every Thursday, starting June 1. All this will go till the last two episodes on 22nd June.

The video features re-voiced teen versions of historical figures including Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc Will Fort and Nicole Sullivan. This evokes their reactions to the modern world after the two discover that they were frozen for two decades.

Watch the Clone High trailer below (watch more trailers here,

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are executive producers on the Clone High reboot. the LEGO movie The directors will also return in their respective roles as Scudworth and JFK. It will also the return of Christa Miller as Candide Sampson, Donald Faison as George Washington Carver, and Judah Miller as Scangrad.

Joining them are new voice cast members: Ayo Adebiri as Harriet; Mitra Jeweler as Cleo; Vicky Martinez as Frieda; Calvin Yu as Confucius; Neil Casey as Topper Bus; Jan Schmieding as Sacagawea; Sam Richardson as Wesley; Moe Gaffney as Ms. Grumbles; El Madrigal as Frederico; Danny Pudi as Dr. Nilankavil; Emily Maya Mills as Ethel Merman; Michael Bolton as Michael Bolton, Mandy Moore as Mandy Moore, Ian Ziering as Ian Ziering; Steve Kerr as Steve Kerr; and Jeffrey Mueller, Kyle Lau, Danah Firman and Danielle Schneider.

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The synopsis reads, “Clone High is set in a high school for clones of historical figures.” “After a high school that was secretly being run as an elaborate military experiment to clone the greatest minds in history was put on ice, the clones are experimenting with newly cloned classmates 20 years later. is melded with a resume—while navigating a new set of cultural norms and highly dramatized teen .

Executive producers include Lord, Miller, Bill Lawrence, Erika Rivinoja and Eric Durbin. This is from Entertainment Studios.

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