Cincinnati mayor wisely avoids trash talking when announcing Bengals-Chiefs Week 17 matchup

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Cincinnati Aftab Purewal has learned his lesson.

After taking perhaps the biggest L of the 2023 NFL postseason, the mayor took a good-humored jab at his own uselessness in a video posted by the Bengals on Wednesday. The video announces that the Bengals and Kansas City will face each other in a rematch on New Year's Eve in Week 17 this year ahead of the NFL's full schedule release on Thursday.

“The Bengals play the Chiefs Week 17, and I have nothing more to add,” Pureval said.

Appearing in the video as the alleged camera is Bengals offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr., who joined the team in free agency on a four-year, $64 million contract after playing the past two years with the Chiefs.

“I think that was better than last time,” says Brown.

In case you weren't paying attention to the run-up, or postgame, to the 2023 between the Chiefs and Bengals, the context here is that Pureval made the mistake of hitting the Chiefs with some awkwardness before the game. ,

Joe Burrows is not Patrick Mahomes' father. It's strange how this became a topic of discussion. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

At the time, the Bengals were 3–0 against the Chiefs since drafting Joe Burrows. He and his fans made sure everyone found out in the coming weeks, but Purell took it a step further when he released an official mayoral proclamation urging Burrows to reveal that Patrick Mahomes was the father. Take a paternity test to confirm.

Guess the Chiefs and their fans saw that.

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Mahomes's wife said the proclamation “weak and shamefulMayor of Kansas City asked to count the rings, “Modern Family” actor and noted major fan Eric Stonestreet called Pureval “an idiot,

And then the Chiefs defeated the Bengals, 23–20, thanks to a heroic from Mahomes. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had some words for Pureval after the game, telling the mayor to “know your role and shut your mouth, ya Jabroni.”

To his credit, Pureval takes the well-deserved pounding with class. something that earned him Kelce's respect after the fact, But that was really all he could do.

Football fans have been laughing every time Pureval's name comes up for a while as a classic example of why you don't talk about a future Hall of Fame quarterback after you've beaten him before, especially Bowl on the line with a trip to the super.

With Wednesday's video, Pureval at least managed to join in on the fun.