Chase Sue Wonders Describes Her Relationship With Pete Davidson As ‘Very Sacred’ In New Interview

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Chase Sui Wonders is sharing some rare insight on her relationship with Pete Davidson.

The 26-year-old actor and Davidson, 29, first met while working on the 2020 film “Bodies' Bodies”, where they portrayed a couple. They would go on to work together again in “Bupkiss”, Davidson's comedy based on his life. They play on-again, off-again pairings.

“‘Bupkiss' is very personal and close to the heart,” Wonders said in a new interview. nylon, While the two have yet to publicly confirm their romance, the article published on May 9 states that the couple are in a relationship and calls Davidson a “real-life boyfriend”.

“[Pete and I]became fast friends on ‘Bodies,' and it was clear that we could work super well together. He's so professional and acting with him is my favorite thing.” Wonders said. “As soon as I got on ‘Bupkiss' it felt like we were drifting again. The relationship in ‘Bupkiss' is far less toxic than in ‘Bodies', which is more fun to play. But even in ‘Bodies,' we would do all those dark scenes and then we'd be like, ‘That's crazy! It's so dark.'”

Surprised worked with the “Saturday Night ” alum on a from the series in which their characters realize they may not be for each other.

“It was really difficult to film but also so much fun,” Wonders recalled. “We're playing complex people who have a deep, deep love for each other, just trying to understand themselves along the way and be delicate with each other. That's where the beauty comes from.

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Davidson's previous relationships have made headlines, including a brief relationship with Ariana Grande and a romance with Kim Kardashian. Despite the constant attention, she said that she doesn't enjoy the limelight thanks to her boyfriend.

“We talk about everything, and we're very open with each other about everything, and it feels like what's happening in our relationship is very sacred,” Wonders explained. “The first initial jolt was extremely disconcerting, but after that it just settles in… It's like a video game.”

He said, “It seems another strange player has arrived in video games. I feel like I'm still on my way. My life hasn't changed that much.”

Davidson has, in the end, been tight-lipped about their relationship. However, during chatting entertainment tonight At the premiere of “Bupkiss” in April, he called Wonders “the best”.

Davidson said of Wonders, “She's the best actress.”

Over Easter weekend, the pair visited Martha Stewart's farmhouse. lifestyle expert shared the photo of all three at her house, sharing how they visited her town. She also called them a “very cute couple”.

Stewart wrote in part, “They were looking over our beautiful town of Bedford.” “I showed them around the farm and inside the winter house where the Easter bunnies were getting ready for Sunday. So cute couple!!!!”

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