Charles Barkley and JJ Reddick have an indirect clash of views on Ja Morant’s gun incident

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ja morant Second incident involving an apparent gun in an Instagram Live video There has been a debate in sports about what kind of punishment is given to StaR The Memphis Grizzlies point guard deserves it.

The latest clash of opinions involves TNT's Charles Barkley and ESPN's JJ Reddick.

On Wednesday, Reddick noted that he was not condemning Morant's behavior and expected results, but he passionately explained how politicians post guns and don't get the same blowback as Morant. Reddick's comments came ESPN's debate show “First Take” After Chris “Mad Dog” Russo said Morant should be suspended 40 games.

Reddick said, “Why are we trying to hammer a 23-year-old guy who didn't break the law? Let me explain.”

Barkley took aim at what he called “idiots” on television who took a similar stance to Reddick.

Barkley said, “Those guys are just idiots.” “…when you're making $100 million a year playing sports, your life changes. There are rules and regulations you have to follow. Plain and simple. You can't do stupid things.” Can. That's the deal.”

Morant is currently suspended from all Grizzlies team activities as the NBA investigates the matter. Video of Morant waving the gun surfaced Sunday morning on the Instagram account of Davante Pack, a friend of Morant's.

nba commissioner Adam Silver spoke out on the matter ahead of Tuesday's NBA draft lottery and said it is “assuming the worst” when the NBA examines the video.

Morant was suspended eight games in March by the NBA for conduct detrimental to the team after a previous Instagram Live video in which he brandished a gun at a Colorado nightclub.

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“First of all, you're not a thug,” said Barkley. “You're not a criminal. You're not a bully. You're a stupid guy making $100 million dollars a year dribbling a basketball. … You have to look in the mirror and say, ‘Maybe, You know what? Maybe I'm the problem.' It's disappointing because the kid is a great player.”

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This article originally appeared on the Memphis Commercial Appeal: Ja Morant gun Instagram video, Charles Barkley's thoughts on JJ Reddick