Bronnie James committed to USC, the Big 12 is looking to add to his TV experience and Jim Harbaugh is in love with his lawn

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Dan Wetzel and SI's Pat Ford and Ross Dellinger react to the weekend's big news that LeBron James' eldest son Bronnie James has committed to USC and what it means for college athletics.

On Saturday afternoon, Bronny James announced the next step in his basketball career. The talented guard will be keeping his talents in Southern California to join a talented Trojan team. People discuss the impact that both Bronny and LeBron James will bring to the USC campus, as this news will no doubt result in a Trojan basketball spike in attendance. Additionally, people talk about what the move after USC would look like for the younger James.

Over the weekend, Pat happened to attend a Harbaugh press conference, where it was noted that he had a great passion for mowing lawns. Harbaugh said that if he had to choose a trade for work, if he could not be a football coach, he would be a lawnman. This causes a stir among the boys as Ross and Dan disagree on the joys of mowing their lawn.

The Big 12 met to discuss future modernization techniques they could implement on their television broadcasts. In addition to finding an out-of-country location to play, the convention introduced the idea of ​​in-game interviews with coaches. The boys question whether the new idea will do well in college football.

Finally, in weird news, someone dropped off 500 pounds of cooked pasta by New Jersey Creek and Fruit Roll Up, which is not allowed in Israel.

1:00 Bronnie James has committed to play college basketball at USC

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30:10 Jim Harbaugh loves to mow his lawn

40:24 The Big 12 wants to add something to its TV broadcast

48:34 Someone dumped 500 pounds of cooked pasta near a New Jersey creek

52:50 Americans caught smuggling fruit roll ups into Israel

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