Bo and Hope return to Days of Our Lives – Peter Reckel and Kristian Alfonso reveal what drew them to Salem

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One of daytime’s cutest couples is finally back where it belongs, even if it’s not technically a “couple” at the moment.

peter rakell And christian alphonso made his long-awaited return in days of Our Lives on March 17 as Bo and Hope, a pairing that fans have looked forward to for nearly three decades. Unfortunately, Bo is not the same man who “died” in 2015.

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“After a long time in cryogenics, she’s on a journey to find out who she really is,” says Rekel. “A lot of people tell her along the way who she is, but she really needs to figure it out for herself. That’s the essence of the journey we’ll see over the next few weeks.”

As Friday revealed, Bo has been successfully brainwashed into believing that his one true love is Megan Hathaway, Stefano’s presumed-dead daughter. Elsewhere in the same building, Hope crosses paths with John and Steve in their mutual mission to track down the mad woman.

The Hope-Bo-Megan Kerfuffle Is A Direct Continuation Of The Season 2 Storyline Day By-product beyond salemNow colliding with the Orpheus-Orchid saga Day Appropriate. The original was for Bo and Hope to return for a third season. beyond salemBut according to Alfonso, everything changed when the Powers That Be moved Day From NBC to Peacock. (3rd season beyond salem Not officially confirmed.)

“We can’t possibly leave the audience with that cliffhanger,” Alfonso says of Bo’s final moments of opening his eyes beyond salemThe second season finale of. “It would have been very unfair. So that’s another reason why I decided to come back. We owe it to the fans and the show and to [executive producer] Ken Corday.

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The next few weeks will also see the return of Steve Burton’s Harris Michaels, who was last seen seducing (and attempting to murder) Megan while under control. beyond salem, Despite his rocky start, Hope believes “there’s still goodness” in Harris, says Alfonso.

Whether or not this storyline could lead to a more permanent return for Bo and/or Hope, Rykel is optimistic about the characters’ future Daywho was recently Renewed through Season 60,

“How and when they’ll come back is clearly up in the air,” he says, “but I think I think our audience will demand it.”

Day Nation, what did you think of the long-awaited return of Bo and Hope? Down the Grade Friday Episode, Then Leave a comment with your thoughts on this nostalgic turn of events.

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