Bindi Irwin shares health update after painful, decade-long endometriosis journey

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When it comes to bindi irwinOf health, she feels she has been “given a second chance at life.”

two months later having surgery for endometriosis—a condition in which endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus, per Johns Hopkins Medicine– daughter of the late steve irwin provided insight into his health and path to healing.

“I don't think you realize how much chronic pain you're carrying,” Bindi exclusively told E!. News at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner on May 6 in Los Angeles. “There were times when it was excruciating and then there were times when it was a constant battle. Now, having been given this gift, it feels like a second chance at life. I'm so grateful.”

The 24-year-old explained that if it weren't for the encouragement of her family, she would still be living in pain.

Bindi said, “They are the reason why I am standing here and not on the bed.” “I hope that those who hear about this story will be inspired to fight for their health.”

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These days, Australian conservationists—who share 2 year old daughter grace warrior with husband Chandler PowellTurns out she's doing much better.

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But she reminded others that when it comes to asking if she has more , approach the subject delicately.

“You never know someone's journey and you never know what they're going through behind closed doors,” he said. “We feel so grateful that we have Grace, she is our little miracle. I don't know what the future holds for us, so I don't know what's going to happen. But for now, I'm just so grateful May we please. Every day I thank my lucky stars that the world brought her into our lives.”

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Back in March, Bindi opened up about her Battling With Endometriosis And why he felt it was time to share his decade-long journey with his followers.

“For 10 years I have been suffering from excruciating fatigue, pain and nausea,” she wrote in one article. candid instagram, “Trying to stay a positive person and hide the pain has been a very long road. These past 10 years have involved many tests, doctors visits, scans etc.”

Although the zookeeper admitted to being intimidated by the surgery, she knew she needed to make a change. “To cut a long story short, they found 37 wounds, some very deep and difficult to remove, and one chocolate cyst,” she explained. “I am on my way to recovery and the gratitude I feel is overwhelming.”

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Bindi ended her post with a powerful message for those experiencing similar issues.

“I'm sharing my story for everyone who reads this and is dealing with pain in silence and no answers,” she shared. “It's your recognition that your pain is real and that you deserve help.”

—Reporting by Amanda Champagne-Meadows.

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