Billie Eilish Is Now Starring as Bad Guy in Surprise TV Role

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billie eilish Rooting for the bad guy.

First Look at the Grammy Winner’s Performance on Prime Video clusterA blonde Billie, playing some kind of intense hypnotist, snaps her fingers and gets Dre (Dominic Fishbach) to change her name back from someone named Kayla. Once this is accomplished, Billy’s character tells him, “Tell me something you’ll regret.”

That’s when a montage of Dre doing all kinds of dirty work—including wrecking a bloody crime scene—is shown. Looks like Dre may have more than a fewthing He has regrets.

Back in his office, Billy’s character asks Dre, “Did you hurt anybody?” When Dre answers yes, Billy’s character smiles and says, “Great.”

Premieres March 17, clusterCo-produced by Donald Glover And Janine NaborsDre whose obsession with an international pop star leads him on a dark and twisted journey across the country. And Billie isn’t the only star expected to appear. Will also feature in a limited series chloe bailey, Paris Jackson, Ricky Thompson And rory culkin,

billie eilish: childhood pictures from his memoir

It doesn’t take much detective work to figure out that the pop star at the center of the story, named Ni’Jah and played by Nirine S. Brownhave a lot in common with beyonce,

After all, the name of the Swarm—Ni’jah’s cult-like fanbase—is similar to that of the Beehive. And, let’s not forget a clip from the series in which Dre is opening a new credit card in an attempt to buy pricey concert tickets on a site like Ticketmaster. Apologies for the stressful flashback, renaissance travelers,

“Beehive don’t kill us,” joked Glover. an interview with hollywood reporter“It’s not so bad, it’s actually great!”

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