Bears/Panthers trade, Eckler requests exit from LA, offensive linemen galore and takeaways over first 48 hours of free agency

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Although free agency technically Wednesday afternoons, Monday starts and Tuesday’s “legal leeway period” give football fans plenty to discuss in terms of player movement ahead of the 2023 NFL season.

Matt Harmon joined 4for4’s John Daigle To recap all of the biggest transactions from this opening week period, but first kick things off with Friday night’s news that the Carolina Panthers traded four future picks and WR DJ Moore to the Bears. Traded for the first overall pick. The guys talk about why this is a good trade for both teams, how Carolina can get their QB of the future and how Chicago can strengthen a weak WR room with the best wideouts available this offseason. is one of the

Next, they talk about Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Eckler requesting a trade and why it’s potentially a tough market for free-agent RBs the moment. For the rest of the show, Matt and John run through a boatload of teams and their big offseason moves: the Las Vegas Raiders signing and away Darren Waller, the Houston Texans putting together a “not embarrassing” Roster pours began, the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons are spending money on the offensive line, the Miami Dolphins are trading for CB Jalen Ramsey and more.

2:30 The latest on the Aaron Rodgers situation

7:20 Bears trade four picks, first overall pick, to Carolina Panthers for DJ Moore

17:10 LA Chargers RB Austin Eckler explores a trade

21:00 Las Vegas Raiders add Jimmy Garoppolo, trade Darren Waller to NYG

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33:10 Houston Texans marching towards glory with FA signing so far

37:30 The Denver Broncos ploy to show they’re going run-first

43:41 The 49ers make a splash with…Sam Darnold?

46:15 Atlanta Falcons go heavy on OL and defense

50:10 Miami Dolphins trade for Jalen Ramsey, add QB Taylor Heineke

53:40 Is retaining Michael Thomas a move that will benefit the New Orleans Saints?

56:00 Minnesota Vikings add blocking TE to enhance run game, backs Hockenson

59:40 The Kansas City Chiefs make an offensive line move

62:20 Philadelphia Eagles add RB Rashad Penny and lose defensive tackle

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Carolina Panthers star wideout DJ Moore was included in a trade package to the Bears for the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft in April. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)