AEW Revolution 2024 effects, reside streaming event protection: Sting’s Remaining Fit

AEW Revolution 2024 effects, reside streaming event protection: Sting’s Remaining Fit

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Solar., Mar. 3, 2024) with their annual Revolution PPV. The 5th version of this AEW tournament comes our manner from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina at 8pm ET.

A 0 Hour pre-show will movement reside and unfastened beginning at 6:30pm Japanese on All Elite’s YouTube channel, Bleacher Record, and proper right here at Cageside Seats.

Within the U.S., the principle card can also be bought on Bleacher Record (and conventional PPV). Across the world, it’s to be had on Triller TV.

We’ll have predictions from the team of workers for each and every event right here, and a preview for all the demonstrate right here.

Cageside Seats will supply LIVE match-by-match protection of Revolution Finish under, starting with the primary event of the evening and proper on via to the principle tournament.

Kick your off your sneakers, calm down, and experience all of the motion together with your favourite professional wrestling website online. And have in mind to stay refreshing!



We’re scanning the scene within the town this night. We’re in search of you to start out up a battle. There may be an evil feeling in our brains, however it’s not anything new, you realize it drives us insane. Working, on our manner, hiding, you’ll pay, however me? I’m simply right here to liveblog this right here professional wrestling demonstrate for you, people.

Bang Bang Scissor Gang (Anthony Bowens, Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn, Daddy Ass, “Switchblade” Jay White, & “Platinum” Max Caster) vs. Jay Deadly, Jeff Jarrett, Non-public Birthday celebration (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen), Satnam Singh, & Willie Mack

Kassidy and Austin to start out, feeling out, ultimately we get Quen in, he eats Scissor Me Timbers, heels lower Colten off in flip and we get a large strut. Slightly bit of warmth, sizzling tag from Bowens, just for him to consume a nearfall off a Deadly Aggregate! Hammering Jarrett with punches, bring to a halt with a again elbow, crotching him at the ropes!

Boot up at the fee, diving blockbuster and Anthony Bowens is able to roll! Daddy Ass with the new tag, Mack with a Stunner, Ace Crusher from Deadly, Isiah off the highest with a senton atomico, Quen hits the 450… BILLY GUNN KICKS OUT! Tag made, Switchblade in a position with Blade Runner, he geese Kassidy, the event breaks down into “everyone do one thing cool” territory…

Bang Bang Scissor Gang win through pinfall with Blade Runner from “Switchblade” Jay White on Willie Mack.

Publish-match, Jay White will get at the mic and tells everybody to pay attention after which to throw their weapons up. He talks about how nice the lovers in Greensboro are and hypes up this night’s card in addition to the Bang Bang Scissor Gang and AEW prior to teasing that he may have some Giant Industry of his personal to deal with on March 13.

We get a vignette for PAC’s go back, “very quickly, whether or not we adore it or now not.”

Julia Hart & Skye Blue vs. Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale

Stat and Willow in keep an eye on early, Nightingale unearths herself at the mistaken facet of Blue and a warmth phase ensues. Tag made, robust girls doing robust stuff, stacking ‘em up within the nook for a cannonball however Julia sits up within the turnbuckles to keep away from her! Willow with a Demise Valley Driving force… HART KICKS OUT!

Quick-arm lariats, spinebuste, Physician Bomb reversed, sundown turn, blind tag in there someplace and Skye kicks her head off however can’t stay Willow down! Nightingale missile dropkick, tag to Kris, Julia with the moonsault… WILLOW BREAKS IT UP! Kneeling armbar implemented, Blue cuts Nightingale out and drops her with a missile dropkick at the ground!

Tags made, Skye geese a kick, off the ropes… POUNCE! Nightingale will get her up…

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale win through pinfall with the Physician Bomb from Nightingale on Skye Blue.

Christian Cage (c) vs. “Purple Demise” Daniel Garcia (AEW TNT Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Cage shoving him into the ropes and breaking blank. Garcia with a shoulder armbreaker, facet headlock, shot off, shoulder block and Christian is at the retreat! He regroups at the ground with the Patriarchy and heads again inside of and into any other collar and elbow.

Backing Purple Demise into the nook, he pushes proper again around the ring, again into the center, Cage with a facet headlock! Grinding Garcia down, Christian takes a second to flex, clawing at his face, to the ground, Cage off the highest and he wipes Daniel out! Again inside of, Garcia turns it round, going to paintings at the leg, ankle lock implemented, Christian will get away and knocks him to the ground!

Again frame drop places Nick Wayne into the timekeeper’s desk, referee Aubrey Edwards counting, as much as 9 when Garcia beats it! Daniel taking rights to provide rights, hammering Cage’s head with punches, whip reversed, duck a lariat, giant lariat takes Christian out! Pulling the turtleneck up above Christian’s head, fixed punches, however Cage turns issues round and regains the merit.

Diving splash reversed into an ankle lock, Garcia’s nonetheless on this battle! Christian distracts Edwards, Killswitch with a chokeslam, off the highest once more, frog splash… DANIEL GARCIA WILL NOT STAY DOWN! “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard comes all the way down to even the percentages and places Killswitch into the stairs!

He blocks a slap from Mom Wayne, Killswitch comes again over to battle him they usually brawl to the again! Again inside of, Cage’s leg offers out on a spear, Garcia with a piledriver… SO CLOSE! Jackknife pin, it’s a 3 rely however Cage has the ropes! Mom Wayne runs interference, Nick runs in…

Christian Cage wins through pinfall with Killswitch, holding the AEW TNT Championship.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston (c) (AEW/NJPW/ROH Continental Crown)

Feeling out, knucklelock, probing kicks from each males they usually damage the grip. Going to paintings with chops, Kingston with a Backdrop Driving force and he follows it up with a suicide dive! Again inside of, Danielson hammering kicks to the left arm, missile dropkick to the arm! Eddie with an exploder suplex to counter a dive however his arm is screaming agony!

Kingston will get himself in combination and applies the Stretch Plum in the course of the hoop! Dragon pries his arm off, bending it round, overhead elbows hammring away! Working nook dropkicks, Eddie geese one, breaks out of the Dragon suplex, again kick, this time Bryan hits the Dragon suplex… NOPE!

Chops within the nook, surroundings Eddie up best, backpedal, in search of the LeBell Lock, omoplata implemented, wristlock armbar, Kingston suffering, looking to bend his hand down and publish up and he succeeds and rolls for the ropes! Kingston again in, enzuigiri, Backfist to the Long term, Northern Lighting fixtures Bomb… NOT ENOUGH! Danielson with the Busaiku Knee, folding press… EDDIE KINGSTON WON’T GO DOWN LIKE THAT!

Triangle choke sank in deep, referee Stephon Smith retaining a detailed eye at the motion, he raises Eddie’s hand and it remains up! Kingston fired up, giant suplexes, each males are down and out! Shut up, buying and selling palm moves, Bati-Bati taste, each males so spent they nearly must lean on each and every different! Danielson wavers, Eddie with Kawada Kicks and he wakes up, paintbrushing Kingston with slaps!

Left-hand Tenryu Jab, extra moves, again frame drop from Danielson! Charging in, Eddie counters the knee with a lariat! Powerbomb raise…

Eddie Kingston wins through pinfall with a Tenryu Powerbomb, holding the AEW/NJPW/ROH Continental Crown and incomes a handshake from Bryan Danielson.

Publish-match, a lot hay is manufactured from Danielson desiring to shake Eddie’s hand, and certainly, he places his hand out… and pulls it again when Eddie comes over. Kingston is going to go away, Bryan rushes over and pulls him again within the ring, and shakes his hand prior to elevating it, recognize in the end earned.

Brian Cage vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dante Martin vs. HOOK vs. Lance Archer vs. Magnus vs. Wardlow vs. “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs (All-Famous person Scramble Fit)

Laborious to observe early, Cage army presses HOOK blank to the ground and it’s the 4 giant males left within the ring in combination! Pairing off, quickly sufficient it’s simply Archer and Wardlow buying and selling forearms in the course of the hoop as “MEAT!” chants rain down. Lance with a ropewalk moonsault to take Mr. Mayhem out!

Hobbs again in, looking to repeat the feat, however Will pulls him down right into a spinebuster! Cage in, Demise Valley Driving force on Powerhouse! Changing into a fireman’s elevate from Wardlow, slip out, off the ropes, tijeras! Jericho in with a Codebreaker… HOOK BREAKS IT UP! Fountain of dives, HOOK stands by myself and is going up best… DIVING AXEHANDLE ONTO BRIAN CAGE!

Chaos out of the turnbuckles, Martin with a frog splash… CAGE KICKS OUT! Fast paced breaking apart pins, drop toehold units Dante within the ropes, Magnus with a Tiger feint kick, arrange an Ace Crusher… NOPE! Butterfly backbreaker, charging in, nook lariat, double knees observe!

Up best, Lance cuts him off with a emerging knee, pins him… NOT ENOUGH! Environment Magnus up best, slip out of Blackout, Jericho and Magnus paintings in combination, double suplex at the Murderhawk Monster, double quebradas… SO CLOSE! Hobbs in, scoop and a working powerslam and Archer rolls out of the hoop!

Martin in along with his velocity, snap scoop powerslam cuts him off, nonetheless simplest two! Brian in, superkick, nook uppercut and lariat, again suplex out of the nook! HOOK in to confront the System, duck a lariat, planting him with forearms, duck a lariat, Tazplex blocked, short-arm lariat wipes him out!

Wardlow again in, German suplex, one on Arcer too, one for Magnus, HOOK in search of Redrum, Mr. Mayhem fades and crumbles to the mat! Jericho in with the Partitions of Jericho on Wardlow on the identical time! Cage knocks Y2J off with a superkick, HOOK German suplexes him and squares up with Chris!

The Ocho touchdown chops on HOOK, whip throughout… TAZPLEX! Northern lighting fixtures suplex into the bridge… SO CLOSE! Powerhouse again in, throwing HOOK to the ground, whip to the nook, Jericho sidesteps! Triangle dropkick sends him flying, International’s Maximum Unhealthy Slam at the ground! Again inside of, Cage with a knee and an F-5 on HOOK however Wardlow cuts him off prior to he can capitalize!

Buying and selling lariats, powerbomb, Martin slides in to check out and scouse borrow it! Giant slam on Magnus, Archer takes him out, slip to the apron, enzuigiri, double soar moonsault… ARCHER WON’T STAY DOWN! Redrum strive, Wardlow slings him off, giant headbutt after which a lariat, lift him;..

Wardlow wins through pinfall with a Remaining Experience on Dante Martin.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Roderick Sturdy (AEW Global Championship)

Unwell Kick out the gates, Orange sidesteps, in search of pins to finish it! Giant chop, duck it, Rock Backside backbreaker connects and Sturdy follows it with any other chop! Cassidy out to the ground, Roderick follows with a again suplex into the barricade! Again inside of, backbreakers on backbreakers, preventing over the turnbuckles, Orange getting the simpler of him within the procedure!

Up best… RODERICK STRONG WITH A DOCTOR BOMB BACKBREAKER INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE DANGERRRRRROUS! Sturdy follows it up with a bow-and-arrow over the publish, again inside of, Cassidy with a 2nd wind, in search of a satellite tv for pc DDT however Roddy reverses right into a gutbuster! Stundog Millionaire counters, any other Rock Backside backbreaker and each males are down! Boston Crab implemented, Cassidy crawling and he will get the ropes!

Complete-on Sturdy Cling implemented now, Orange in ache however he’s now not giving! Shaking his hand, preventing his long ago in, upkicking his manner out of it, off the ropes, satellite tv for pc DDT connects! Cassidy rolls to the apron, Into the nook, Panama First light… STRONG KICKS OUT!

Orange desires Seashore Wreck however his again offers out, he makes use of the ropes for leverage, Seashore Wreck… BUT RODDY GETS THE ROPES! A snappy flurry units it up…

Roderick Sturdy wins through pinfall with Finish of Heartache, turning into your new AEW Global Champion.

KYLE O’REILLY IS BACK AND HE IS IN THE RING WITH RODDY, BENNETT, AND TAVEN! He prowls however in the long run shakes Roddy’s hand! Mike Bennett takes the literal blouse off his again to provide to KOR, who takes it excitedly prior to striking it on Roddy’s shoulder and whispering in his ear and leaving with tears in his eyes.

Blackpool Battle Membership (Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley) vs. FTR (Money Wheeler & Dax Harwood)

Baldies beginning, Castagnoli with an inside of cradle, simplest two. Claudio hammering him with open-palm moves, giant uppercut sends him spiraling into the nook and tagging Moxley in! Jon at the mistaken facet of the city, fast tags from FTR, he will get the simpler of Dax and pulls him into the nook for a tag to Castagnoli.

Uppercuts and headbutts within the nook, whip throughout, facet Russian legsweep and FTR take keep an eye on once more. Operating Claudio within the nook, giant chop, Castagnoli comes again with a Karelin raise for 2. Tag to Moxley, entrance chancery grinding Money down, deathlock, bridge up and right into a headscissors!

Dax runs in to damage it up, Money with a large chop and Moxley thumbs him within the eye and tags Claudio in! Blackpool staying in fee, tags, Wheeler explodes out of the nook, tag to Harwood! Dax working sizzling on Claudio, chops within the nook, short-arm lariat on Moxley! Off the ropes, block Swiss Demise, small package deal, simplest two!

Go with the flow over a suplex, Neutralizer denied, in search of a piledriver, Claudio posts Dax and will get a nearfall on Money! Harwood busted open and bleeding rom the brow, Castagnoli with a fireman’s elevate and a tag, assisted Air Raid Crash… STILL NO! Dax in search of pinning predicaments, assisted piledriver… MOXLEY KICKS OUT!

Blackpool with a Doomsday Tool… WHEELER BREAKS IT UP! Block a end, Ace Crusher from Moxley, Massive Swing from Claudio, blood dripping from Harwood’s head in a perfect spiral, dropkick… DAX WON’T STAY DOWN! Moxley with overhead elbows to the brow wound, biting at it, Harwood spits in his face!

Claudio blasts him wtih a large boot, will get knocked to ground, Doomsday Tool… JON MOXLEY KICKS OUT! Shatter System connects… CLAUDIO PULLS DAX OFF OF THE PIN! Money dives into Swiss Demise and a Neutralizer at the ground! Harwood piledrives Castagnoli at the ground!

Again inside of, underhooks, blocked, block the piledriver, again frame drop, roll via, underhooks.. WE RIDE WITH DEATH TONIGHT! DAX KICKS OUT! PIN OF HIS OWN, ONLY TWO! Bulldog choke loked in, Claudio preventing with Wheeler at the apron, again inside of, pulling him away with a sleeper hang!

Mox sinks again, the hooks are in…

Blackpool Battle Membership win through referee stoppage with a bodyscissors sleeper from Jon Moxley on Dax Harwood.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Toni Typhoon (c) (AEW Ladies’s International Championship)

Check of power, arm drag from Purrazzo, roll right into a Fujiwara armbar however Typhoon will get a foot at the ropes! Wearing at the mat grappling, fixed punches from Toni, seated rear chinlock, seated senton and a stomp! Buying and selling rights, elbows in the course of the hoop, whip reversed, duck a lariat, and Deonna bowls her over a couple of occasions prior to hitting a Knee Trembler into a facet Russian legsweep after which a bridging Fujiwara armbar!

Kicks at the apron, Luther catches Toni however Deonna dives on either one of them! Again inside of, Purrazzo has her beat and tapping however Luther distracts the referee and Mariah Would possibly makes the save…

Toni Typhoon wins through pinfall with Typhoon 0, holding the AEW Ladies’s International Championship.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Will Ospreay

Don Callis is on statement for this one.

Laborious-hitting out the gates, Takeshita will get a superplex and follows it with a rear chinlock, grinding Ospreay down. Will with a Cobra Twist, Konosuke fights out, boot up within the nook, springboard elbow and Takeshita is down! Again on his toes, knocking Ospreay to the ground and following it with a tope con giro!

Again inside of, Will up best, Spiral Faucet, no person house and Takeshita spikes him with a high-angle German suplex, bridge… NOPE! Slugging it out, forearms within the ring, giant rolling elbow from the Aerial Murderer and referee Bryce Remsburg has to forestall and test on Konosuke as a result of he’s having some more or less neurological response in his arms!

Ospreay with Kawada kicks, Takeshita finishes up an enormous bolo punch and lays him out! Fast paced trade leads to a crescent kick, Konosuke slips out of Typhoon Breaker, buying and selling kicks, Tiger Driving force… TAKESHITA KICKS OUT! Springboard stuck, Blue Thunder Driving force… OSPREAY KICKS OUT!

Rolling German denied, kicks from Will, double soar, OsCutter blocked, off the ropes, duck a lariat, springboard… OSCUTTER BUT KONOSUKE KICKS OUT! Ospreay calling for the Hidden Blade, Takeshita pops up and drops him with a lariat… SO VERY CLOSE! Trapping him within the nook, Cheeky Nando’s connects, up best… TAKESHITA HITS THE AVALANCHE BRAINBUSTER!

Any other nearfall, working knee, Ospreay with Stundog Millionaire! Poison Frankensteiner follows it up, underhooks, fast reversals, wheelbarrow Tombstone Piledriver right into a wheelbarrow suplex, Will pops up, lariat… KONOSUKE TAKESHITA KICKS OUT AT ONE!

Ospreay with a Kinds Conflict… STILL NOT ENOUGH FOR THE WIN! Underhooks… TIGER DRIVER ‘91! HIDDEN BLADE! IT’S OVER!

Will Ospreay wins through pinfall with Hidden Blade.

Publish-match, Kyle Fletcher and Don Callis come to the hoop to have a good time as Ospreay offers Takeshita some headpats for a task neatly executed. Kyle and Will include within the ring as we’re knowledgeable they’ll be having a combat on Dynamite.

My candy and beautiful spouse blesses you together with her statement on entrances whilst I’m downstairs fetching a drink—

Swerve is available in with a large fuzzy hood. Ooh, he’s were given gold sleeves. Perhaps they must name him Goldsleeve Jim. He tells the group in no unsure phrases that he’s going house with that belt this night.

“Hangman” Adam Web page vs. Samoa Joe (c) vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland (AEW International Championship)

Joe a whirlwind of chops, nook enzuigiri on Web page, he sidesteps a dive from Strickland! Giant dive on Swerve, any other kick cuts Hangman’s dive off, again inside of, Samoa left at the ground and Shane holds court docket and assists in keeping them each off-balance! Whip throughout, Hangman with a belly-to-belly suplex however Joe breaks the pin up!

Facewashes on Adam, Tenryu Powerbomb, into an STF at the kickout! Swerve again inside of, buying and selling forearms with Samoa, getting taken to the ground! Taking turns looking to get underneath Joe for a powerbomb, they come to a decision to paintings in combination… DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Challengers at each and every different with elbows, from side to side, Joe breaks it up!

Samoa handed to the ground, Strickland blasts him with a kick! Again inside of, Web page scoops him up, reversed, reversed, Hangman slips out, again elbow out of the nook! Up best, moonsault rolled proper right into a Tombstone Piledriver… SAMOA JOE BREAKS IT UP! In search of Deadeye, no deal, powerbomb, flow over, vertical suplex… AGAIN JOE BREAKS IT UP!

Samoa will get Web page up for the Muscle Buster… AND HE GETS IT! SWERVE STOMP IN QUICK SUCCESSION! HOUSE CALL! Shane looking ahead to Hangman, any other Area Name… NO DEAL! Shadows Over Hell 450 splash on Joe! Strickland dragging himself up the ropes, Swerve Stomp… HANGMAN PAGE PULLS REFEREE PAUL TURNER OUT OF THE RING!

Adam blasts Swerve with the name belt! He yells that Swerve won’t ever hang his name and hits a Buckshot on Joe! A 2nd Buckshot… BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE AND IT’S ALL HIS FAULT! Referee Bryce Remsburg slides in with the rely but it surely’s too overdue! Web page celebrates like he received prior to figuring out what went mistaken! Joe with the Coquina Seize… SWERVE BREAKS IT UP WITH A TORNILLO!

Prince Nana throws Swerve the crown however he doesn’t need it! Coquina Seize, Strickland slips out, victory roll… HANGMAN SHOVES BRYCE INTO THE PIN TO BREAK IT UP! Fastened punches on Swerve, throwing Remsburg out of the hoop, Strickland windmills punches at him and is going again to Joe!

Enzuigiri, throwing Web page out of the hoop however he skins the cat and lays Shane out with Buckshot! Joe with a lariat of his personal, putting in a Muscle Buster within the nook however Swerve fights out! Any other Buckshot on Samoa! SHANE STRICKLAND HITS BUCKSHOT ON HANGMAN! JML DRIVER CONNECTS BUT JOE HITS A HALF NELSON SUPLEX AND GRABS PAGE WITH THE COQUINA CLUTCH!

Referee Paul Turner is wide awake… AND IT’S OVER!

Samoa Joe wins through submission with the Coquina Seize on “Hangman” Adam Web page, holding the AEW International Championship.

We get a video package deal for AEW Dynasty on April 21.

“Nature Boy” Ric Aptitude makes his front to be at ringside for Sting’s retirement.

Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat makes his front to be particular visitor timekeeper.

Darby Allin & Sting (c) vs. Younger Dollars (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) (AEW International Tag Group Championship Twister Fit)