5 Things You Might Have Missed Investing This Week

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I think it’s safe to make these four assumptions after a long, grueling week in the markets.

First, you better understand the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB for short) by reading this in-depth feature from Yahoo Finance editor Dan Fitzpatrick. watch fall VC Side by Natasha Mascarenhas Yahoo Finance is also extremely helpful on the companion publication TechCrunch.

So, this hot take from Deutsche Bank veteran strategist Jim Reid shouldn’t send you squirming out of your chair.

“Considering customer outflows are also likely to be driven by higher interest rates, is not a stretch to say that this episode is emblematic of the high-long-rate regime we see at the outset, as well There are also inverted curves. And a tech venture capital industry that’s been seeing very tough times of late. That’s all the things we’re worrying about in this cycle,” Reid said.

There’s a heavy dose of Fed chief Jerome Powell in testimony to lawmakers over the next two days. Powell was bashed by lawmakers as usual, and infuriated markets by suggesting the only direction for interest rates this year was to fight the ongoing war against inflation.

Yahoo Finance Fed correspondent Jennifer Schoenberger reports that Powell then walked back some of his harsher words.

That seemingly aggressive Powell comment is especially relevant in light of another hot jobs report on Friday — an increase of 311,000 on the headline, well above Wall Street’s estimate for 225,000.

And finally on the topic of Walk Back, Elon Musk apologized after criticizing a disabled Twitter employee. Tesla shares still fell nearly 13% on the week as investors chastised Musk for the latest distractions.

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Even this downgrade on Tesla by Berenberg analyst Adrian Yanoshik didn’t brighten the mood on Tesla shares.

Without further ado, here are several things you may have missed.

  1. barbie turns 64 Mattel celebrated Barbie’s big day by signing CEO Yon Krause in attendance for a Yahoo Finance Live exclusive interview (video above). Craze tells us the year is off to a great start and the holiday toy glut will be over by the middle of the year. Happy Birthday Barbie!

  2. So long, Mr. Labor Secretary: After 27 Yahoo Finance Live appearances in recent years (the last Friday), Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is set to become executive director of the NHL Players’ Association, Yahoo Finance Washington correspondent Ben Werschkul says. Walsh ends on the high note of another month of strong job creation. Enjoy your Dunkin’ Mister Secretary.

  3. Bob Iger Chest Pound: After winning an ugly public battle against activist investor Nelson Peltz in early February, Disney CEO Bob Iger is back on the investment banking scene with a pit stop this week at the Morgan Stanley conference. Iger hinted at fewer Marvel movies (good). Yahoo Finance Media reporter Alexandra Canal picked up on Iger, saying he remains “open-minded” on ESPN’s future amid protracted sale talks. The next thing to watch from Disney: its April 3 annual shareholder meeting.

  4. Gap Down: Shares of long-struggling retailer Gap jumped on Friday after a disappointing quarter. The appears virtually directionless, sacking its key development and people executives in another cost-cutting move. Yours truly takes a blunt look at Gap’s future (if any) here.

  5. Busy Week Sights and Sounds:

    1. Sevens Report Research Founder Tom Esse: “Bottom line, I appreciate the bad memories that the Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank headlines evoked, and I appreciate the ‘ask questions now, answer later.'” But this is not 2007. The crypto industry is not the national housing market, and bank capital regulations and reporting requirements are very different than in the mid-2000s.”

    2. A rare double downgradeThis time on Etsy (due to valuation) by Jefferies John Colantuoni.

    3. Goldman Sachs analyst Jordan Aliger rolled the dice on FedEx with a buy rating in March 16 earnings, saying: “For us, we think the risk to the February quarter is around the generally known peak, and there is some FY4Q upside.” May be more likely to be looking for a driver. Further.”

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