2023 NBA Draft Lottery Simulator: Scooter Henderson falls to Wizards laps at No. 3

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Lottery Simulator: Double Dose of Luck Wizards originally appeared nbc sports washington

the wizards are bound to have Eighth Best Odds In The May 16 NBA Draft Lottery We're running through the different scenarios at NBC Washington. The idea is to simulate what the draft board might look like when they are on the clock on June 22 and scrutinize the decisions they might have to make.

Here's a look at the possibility they could get the third overall pick…

lottery simulation result

It required 19 attempts Real GM's Lottery Simulator to secure the third overall pick for the Wizards. His chances choosing fourth are 7.4% and he is likely to go into the top three with 21.1%. The simulator was kind to Washington in the rare instances that they went up. The Wizards nabbed the No. 1 pick three times before reaching the third. He drew the No. 8 pick eight times, the No. 9 pick six times, and the No. 10 pick once.

Achieving anything in the top three would be a huge lottery night win for the Wizards. This would represent an opportunity for Washington to grab a franchise player to pair with Bradley Beal in his prime. They haven't pitched this high since 2013, which was the last time the lottery went that high.

The Wizards weren't the only team to jump the draft board. The Utah Jazz moved into first place with ninth-best odds, with the Houston Rockets second- to fifth-best Biggest Losers.

Here's how the board plays out…

Lottery Simulation Mock Draft

1. Jazz: C Victor Vembanyama (France)

Utah blew everything away after last season by acquiring generational talent Vembanayama. This marked the first time that the Jazz won the lottery in team history. It doesn't take long before another Danny Ainge organization is back in contention.

2. Piston: G/F brandon miller (Alabama)

Detroit has drafted three straight point guard types in the last three lotteries, including 2021 first-overall selection Cade Cunningham. Miller would be a great addition on the wing to the Cunningham and Jaden Ivey backcourt.

3. The Magician: PG scooter henderson (G League Ignite)

It's rare to get lucky twice in one draft. Not only did the Wizards go third, but they take advantage of Detroit's abundance of guards to have the chance to draft their point guard of the future, Scooter Henderson. Many draft analysts argue that if it weren't for Wembanyama, Henderson might still represent the best prospect the league has seen since Zion Williamson in 2019.

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Henderson will also be someone who makes a significant difference to the youth of Washington. This will really help balance out their roster not only for this upcoming year but in the long term as well.

Henderson is compared to Donovan Mitchell. The G League Ignite product is an extremely talented playmaking guard who possesses excellent speed. He has several dribble moves in his bag that, combined with his speed, create space and set up his teammates in their positions. His speed is also a big help for his defensive coverage where he is active and engaged, constantly looking for reach and swipes.

Henderson would be someone the Wizards would want to get into the starting lineup as soon as possible. They could take their time with Monte Morris holding position at the start of the year. However, with two years of G League experience, Henderson should be ready to go from leaps and bounds.

4. Spurs: G/F amen thompson (Overtime Elite)

In the midst of a rebuild, San Antonio will take the best player available which appears to be Amen Thompson. He is a versatile wing and will give Gregg Popovich a true athlete who can make a difference on both ends of the court.

5. Rockets: PG/SG Anthony Black (Arkansas)

Houston has missed out on top four prospects, all of whom could make a notable difference to their lineup. Here, they take a swing at the best available point guard in the hopes that he can pair with Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr.

6. Hornets: G/F Oscar Thompson (Overtime Elite)

Adding a shooter to their backcourt could really benefit Charlotte. Ossar Thompson adds athleticism and playmaking ability to a Hornets team being built around LaMelo Ball.

7: Trail Blazers: F Jerez Walker (Houston)

There is a wide range where walkers can be chosen from. Portland is the perfect landing spot for him given his need to add length and rebounding.

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8. Magic PG cayson wallace ()

The Magic is more than set at the forward position for the long term. Without many alternative options, Wallace gives him a physical defensive guard.

9. Pacers: SF Cam Whitmore (Villanova)

It's hard to see Whitmore falling this far given his obvious NBA readiness and polished play as a wing. Indiana gets a steal here who should be ready to jump right in.

10 Dallas Mavericks: SF Grady Dick (Kansas)

With or without Kyrie Irving, the Mavericks need more shooting around . Dick, as a 40.3% 3-point shooter, provides that.

11. Magic (via Bulls): F Taylor Hendricks (UCF)

Best player available at this point in the draft. Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner would benefit from plugging Hendrix into the five as a floor spacer.

12. Thunder: PG/SG Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas)

Oklahoma has the opportunity to draft a player who was once considered a top five prospect but was hampered by a knee injury. This is a great opportunity for the Thunder to see what they can develop Smith into as most of their needs should be addressed in free agency.

13. Raptors: SG Keonte George (Baylor)

George is a downhill driver who could not be slowed down at the college level. Toronto takes him to add to their guard depth.

14. Pelicans: PG/SG Kobe Bufkin (Michigan)

Bufkin has the complete package as a point guard, he can and score on offense at all three levels. He would be a nice piece to add to the Pelicans' offense.

What would this mean for magicians?

Any jump in the lottery will be a win for the wizards and this year is the perfect year to do so. But the fact that they would get a chance to choose Scooter Henderson in this scenario is a double whammy from the lottery gods. Henderson has the talent to compete for the starting spot right away at a key position. More importantly, however, it will prepare them to have their say about the future.

It couldn't come at a better time for Washington with Monte Morris and Dillon Wright entering the final years of their contracts this season. Each of them will also provide a different skill set depending on the pair's on-court lineup and in some combinations.

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The Wizards can balance the trio's minutes as they work Henderson fully into the equation. However, if any, there should be no delay in setting it in motion. The 19-year-old already has two years of experience playing against the pros in the G League.

Henderson would be a perfect fit with Beal among the starters. Not only does Henderson have the craftsmanship and offensive creativity to set up Beal, but he also thrives in off-ball situations. His distinctive speed should also fuel Washington's transition game, which is likely why he gets run out on the break. Henderson has also shown an ability to split his role and get his own buckets when Beale and other playmakers may be on the bench.

Just because Henderson is available here in this scenario doesn't mean that will be the case in the actual draft. This happened with only Detroit being on second and not needing another primary reliever. If another team picks up at No. 2, it's likely Henderson is off the board — which doesn't mean Washington should be despondent about Brandon Miller. But Henderson gives the Wizards a franchise-changing star that shouldn't require much development at the NBA level. If all goes well, Washington may have just crafted its next All-Star.

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