2023 Fantasy Football: TE Draft Rankings

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Last season gave fantasy football managers something they've been waiting for: a nearly full, healthy season george kittel, And the San Francisco 49ers star tight end didn't disappoint, ending the year as the second highest-scoring fantasy tight end, behind only second in the world. travis kelse,

Cattle got off to a slow start after missing the first two games of the year, raising fears of another down season. Thankfully, his quickly increased over the rest of 2022, and he scored the most touchdowns (11) of his career.

This sounds wild considering Cattle has been one of the faces of the tight end position for many years. Here's hoping Kyle Shanahan doesn't try to do anything funny with Cattle in 2023; We want more touchdowns!

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We also want more stability from the position. So, not only are we expecting more touchdowns and production and health from Kittel, but we're also hoping some new names will help build some depth and stability at fantasy tight end.

Check out our rankings for 2023:

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